5G Effect : Productivity will increase 10 times industrial revolution will be new

5G Effect: Productivity will increase 10 times The industrial revolution will be new :

At present 5G technology is running in the country. The CEO of the telecom company is saying that The country has a future of 5G. And we all know how much impact the 5G Effect is having in the world. This is the year of 5G technology. The speed of your mobile will not only increase but also increase Our country’s industrial productivity will also increase 10 times.

How important this year is for 5G technology?

How will 5G Services change people’s lives? The use of 4G services is found to be increasing in individuals. In 5G, people will get the higher speed of internet But more use of 5G will be found in industries. The industry will see an industrial revolution. Robotic work will begin. Plans like Smart City will start evolving quickly. Industrial productivity will increase many times over.

5G Effect

What are the rumors about the 5G handset?

Nowadays 5G handsets are very expensive. These 5G handsets need to be delivered to the people. Right now they are so thirsty that The minimum cost of the 5G Handset. According to WHO, the effect of 3G technology is more on the human body.

Will 5G service start in 2021?

It is learned that the trial of 5G has started. This service has also been introduced in many irons. The government will also install adequate equipment to enable the 5G service. Many smartphone users are using 5G technology right now. Our country is witnessing rapid development in the field of industry.

But on the other hand, there are some bad 5G effects. The impact of radiation was also seen to be increasing due to the advent of 5G services. Even though mobile services have become fast, it has also been seen to harm people in the long run. 5G services are seen to be developing very fast now.

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