6 Big Mistakes That Sank the Unsinkable Titanic

Friends, you must know the story of Titanic, that Was the largest ship in the world. It took 1200 days to build this ship, But how could he have drowned in just two hours? Would the lives of those who traveled in it have survived? How such a large ship sank?

History of Titanic

April 10, 1912 was the first voyage of the Titanic. This ship was the most expensive ship of that time. At that time the sea was also a saint, the storm did not seem to come. There were 1500 passengers in this ship. And millions of people stood on the dock to watch the ship. But none of these people knew that this ship was making its last voyage. This ship was a luxurious ship.

The captain of the Titanic was Edward Smith. The name of the company that built the ship was Harland & Wolff. The company had earlier built more than 500 sheep. Construction of the Titanic began in 1907, Made by about 2000 workers, And it took 3 years to make them. The ship’s first voyage was from South Hampton City to New York. The ticket for the economic part of the ship was $30, While the cost for traveling in first class was $150. All Titanic tickets were distributed on the first voyage.

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Which 6 Mistakes sank the Titanic?

  1. The ship set sail at 12 noon. The ship’s captain was given a deadline to reach New York in just 7 days. So the captain of the ship kept the speed of the ship very high already. This is their big mistake. The captain followed the instructions he received. If the ship was not delivered to New York on time, the ship’s reputation would be damaged. Speed ​​limits are a very important part of any machining in the world.
  2. The Titanic has been running for 3 consecutive days. The ship has been running for the last 72 hours. On April 14, 1917, the sea became foggy, So the visibility was also reduced. At that moment, the captain of a ship a short distance from the Titanic warned the captain of the Titanic about a mountain of ice floating across the sea wirelessly. But due to the negligence of the wireless operator, this warning was missed. Several VIPs were also aboard the ship.
  3. The speed of the ship was too high, And they also missed important warnings. The ship was speeding in the direction of the iceberg. There were guards on board but they did not have binoculars, So that he could not see the distant iceberg.
  4. Ships in the Atlantic Ocean often have to deal with such huge icebergs. Upon learning of the iceberg, Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic ordered the ship’s engine to shut down, And ordered to change the direction of the ship. Many attempts were made by Captain Smith to rescue the ship but failed as it got too close to the iceberg. And the ship collided with an iceberg,
  5. The ship collided with an iceberg, causing a gap in the bottom of the ship, And from there the water started flowing. The incident alerted people aboard the ship. The Titanic was built in such a way that it could never sink. The ship could not be submerged even if it was flooded in the bottom 3 parts, But unfortunately 4 parts were also flooded. The Titanic was slowly sinking. That is why efforts were being made to rescue the passengers without worrying about the ship. The ship’s captain, Smith, also gave an emergency message on the radio. Passengers aboard the ship were sent on a lifeboat until someone came to help. The ship had space for a total of 35 lifeboats but at that time only 20 boats were kept in it. And the number of Passengers was 1500.
  6. There was chaos everywhere on the ship and everyone wanted to get into the lifeboat. The first emergency boat was launched at 12.45 o’clock. But only the first class Passengers was settled. And the boat was not fully filled. At 2.18 am, due to the shot circuit, the lights on the whole ship will be turned off. And the ship was wrecked and divided into two sections. It took 2 hours and 40 minutes for the ship to sink completely.

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1800 Passengers drowned in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. At that time the water temperature was -2 degrees. At such a low temperature no man survived for more than 30 minutes. The death toll is said to have been more than 1,500. There were also people traveling on the ship without tickets. The ship’s captain was constantly helping Passenger. He was the last person to jump out of a sinking ship.

Why was the Titanic not removed from the sea till today?

After the Titanic sank in the ocean, much effort was put into finding it. It is unknown at this time where the Titanic sank. After many attempts, in the year 1985, this ship was found within 4 km in the sea. The weight of this ship was 1 lakh 43 thousand tons. The lower the water, the higher the pressure, So getting it out was a very difficult task. For many years the idea of ​​getting the Titanic out came up.

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