Agriculture Companies : Top 5 Agriculture Companies In World

Top 5 Agriculture Companies In all over the World:

By 2015, we’re gonna need 70% more produce to feed a predicted population of 10 billion. Today we’re gonna talk about the top 5 Agriculture Companies (wikipedia) using AI in the world. Welcome to Tech2tip. Now let’s get on to the list. The first company on the list is Benson Hill. The company was founded in 2012 in Missouri,  USA. They believe in creating healthier and tastier food more sustainably.

They do so through the use of cloud biology, their proprietary software. It uses AI techniques to accelerate the breeding process through greater precision and fewer breeding cycles. They say that cloud biology is the GPS for plant scientists and farmers. This technology is groundbreaking because it’s replacing a process that is typically done manually by a farmer.

This method has already been used to produce ultra high protein soya beans. The company has secured $120 million in funding, so it’s safe to say that they’re having a great impact as far as breeding plants go. The second company on the list is Prospera. The company was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2014.   The startup initially started by using computer vision technology and AI algorithm to spot pests and diseases.

Top 5 Agriculture Companies:

It then moved on to fitting irrigation systems with data sensors to enable them to optimize the irrigation process by monitoring the crop water stress index. It would also collect data on water usage and also provide you with a custom schedule for irrigation planning throughout the year. Interestingly enough the company started by testing out their tech in greenhouses because this reduced the number of variables that they had to deal with which enabled them to fine-tune their AI algorithms more effectively.

Recently they’ve partnered with   Valley irrigation to fit their data census on their center pivot irrigation systems. The company has so far raised $22 million in funding. The third company on the list is FarmWise.   The company was founded in San Francisco in 2016. farms provide weeding as a service through their autonomous robot that uses AI to first detect the weeds and then it uses its robot arms to remove them. Additionally, they collect field data to then relay back to farmers for better crop forecasting. Currently, they support a number of plants such as cauliflower, leafy greens, and broccoli. The company has so far raised $20 million to fund its weed killing operation.

Top 5 Agriculture Companies in detail:

The fourth company on the list is Plenty. It was founded in 2014 in   San Francisco, USA. They use IoT sensors and machine learnings to grow plants indoors using only water,   artificial light, and nutrients. They claim to only use 1% of the water as compared to conventional farming methods. Additionally, they say that they produce 350 times the amount of produce per square foot as compared to a normal farm. These numbers are significant because that means that we’re using fewer resources to produce significantly more produce which is exactly what we’re after going into the future. Currently, their farms are producing these four vegetables.

The company has raised a whopping $541 million in funding. It’s safe to say that they’re disrupting the farming industry significantly using their vertical farms. The final company on the list is Gamaya. Gamaya is a Swiss startup founded in 2015. They’ve developed hyperspectral cameras for drones. The camera detects 40 spectral channels which means it can take images with details that is impossible for the naked eye to detect, let alone a normal camera. Once the image is taken by the camera, AI algorithms are used by Gamaya to produce crop health reports that allow the farmer to figure out whether or not the plant has been affected by any kind of disease or by drought.

The company has raised $4 million in funding to continue producing state-of-the-art crop reports to help farmers out. Hope you realize how pivotal AI is in changing the field of Agtech.

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