Amazon Quiz: Edition Answer 9 January to 31 January 2021

Amazon Quiz

Amazon quiz answers for today, January 8, 2021. Win an Rs.15,000 Amazon Pay by answer all five questions. Get the latest Amazon quiz answers for today. the daily Amazon Quiz where users can give the answer to the questions and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

The Amazon Quiz for January 8 2021 is live now, and the winner will be eligible to win an Rs.20,000 Amazon Pay. Amazon focuses on product trivia and provides the opportunity for the customer to win exciting prizes.

       Quiz Details:

Quiz Name Amazon January Edition Quiz
Quiz Duration 7 January to 31 January
Quiz Time 24hrs
Winning Prizes Rs.20,000
No. Of Prize 1

 Quiz January Edition:

  • Amazon Prize: Rs.20,000 Amazon Pay Balance
  • Quiz Date: January 8, 2021
  • Quiz Time: 8am–12pm
  • Winners List Declaration Date: To be announced

How To Play Amazon January Edition Quiz?

Step 1. First of all download app Amazon app from Play Store.

Step 2. After completing the download, login or sign up with your email id and password.

Step 3. Scroll down on the homepage and click on the amazon January edition quiz.

Step 4. If you did not found a January Quiz, so don’t worry simply search “Funzone” on the search bar and click on it.

Step 5. Now you will see the “Amazon January  Quiz “ and click on it.

Step 6. Give the correct answer to the 5 questions which is given above.

Step 7. Congratulations!! You are eligible to win a quiz and a chance to win Rs.20,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers 12 January 2021- Win Phillips Induction Cooktop

Question 1: In December 2020, Google announced the shutting down of which 3D-object creation and library platform?

Ans– Google Poly

Question 2: Which country will host the Asia Cup cricket tournament in 2021?

Ans– Sri Lanka

Question 3: Which international organization recently published the ‘Global Wage Report’?

Ans– ILO

Question 4: Name this character from the popular children’s television show ‘Sesame Street’? (see Quiz Image in App)

Ans– Elmo

Question 5: By looking at this picture, name the holiday associated with this vegetable. (see Quiz Image in App)

Ans– Halloween

Today’s Amazon Quiz Edition Answer 11 January 2021: Stand a Chance to Win Rs 10000 Pay Balance

Qestion1- Meaning “day” in Latin, what new name is given by Facebook to its cryptocurrency ‘Libra’?

Ans-  Diem

Qestion2-  The World Economic Forum will hold its 2021 annual meeting in which city instead of its traditional home of Switzerland?

Ans-   Singapore

Qestion3- December 6 is observed as the Mahaparinirvan Divas by millions of followers and admirers of which great Indian?

Ans-: BR Ambedkar

Qestion4-  These mythical creatures, found on church buildings around the world, protect stone walls during rain. Name this creature.

Ans- Gargoyle

Qestion5-  Name this character from a famous Stephen King Novel.

Ans- Pennywise

Today’s Amazon Quiz Edition Answer 10 January 2021 Answers – Win AmazonBasics Smart LED TV

Question 1:- Yuzvendra Chahal recently got married to Dhanashree Verma, who is popular as a __________. Fill in the blanks

Ans 1:- Choreographer

Question 2:- International King Bhumibol World Soil Day Award Given By The FAO Is Named After The Former King Of Which Country?

Ans 2:- Thailand

Question 3:- The Controversial Airliner 737 MAX Is Manufactured By Which Company?

Ans 3:- Boeing

Question 4:- In Which Country Is This Monument Located

Ans 4:- Portugal

Question 5:- Which Of These Is A Villain In A Movie Starring This Character?

Ans 5:- Doctor Octopus

Today’s Amazon Quiz Edition Answer 9, January to 31 January 2021

Question 1. Not being able to decide on a “Word of the year,” which publication instead released a “Words of an Unprecedented Year” report in 2020?
Ans 1 –Oxford Dictionary
Question 2.Which of these is India’s first Earth-imaging satellite startup that will soon put a constellation of 30 micro-satellites in orbit?
Ans 2 –Pixxel
Question 3.In December 2020, who acquired Boston Dynamics – a company known for their series of dynamic highly-mobile robots?
Ans 3–Hyundai
Question 4.Known as the East Side Gallery, where is this couple taking their pictures?
Ans 4 –Berlin Wall
Question 5.Name this currency which was invented in 2008.
Ans 5 –Bitcoin

Today’s Amazon Quiz Edition Answer 8 January to 31 January 2021

Question 1.Bay, on the coast of South America and named the city what?

Ans 1 – Rio De Janeiro

Question 2. On January 3rd, 1959 what state having a landmass of about 1/5th of the other states put together, became the 49th US state?

Ans 2 – Alaska

Question 3. 15th January is observed as the Indian Army Day, as this was the day when ___________ took over as Commander in Chief. Fill in the blanks

Ans 3 – KM Cariappa

Question 4. National Voter’s Day is observed on 25th January to celebrate the foundation day of which organisation?

Ans 4 – Election Commission of India

Question 5. In 2019 , in a Test match played in January, which Indian spinner took a five wicket haul as India made Australia follow on at the SCG?

Ans 5 – Kuldeep Yadav

Question 6 – Detectives Marcus Burnett and Michael Lowrey are the central characters in which movie released in January 2020?

Ans 6 – Bad Boys for Life

Question 7 – The original name of which famous figure from the music industry having his birthday on January 8th, was David Robert Jones?

Ans 7 – David Bowie

Question 8 – The Pattadakal dance festival, usually held in January is held in a UNESCO World Heritage site in which Indian state?

Ans 8 – Karnataka


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