Amazon quiz answers today 16 March 2021: Win Marshall Speakers

Amazon quiz answers today

Amazon quiz answers today 16 March 2021: Win Marshall Speakers

Amazon Quiz answer today for 16 March 2021. Amazon Quiz Answers Today (16 March 2021). Play Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Marshall Speakers for Lucky Participants in Today’s Amazon Quiz Daily game contest. Amazon Quiz contest’s daily time is 8 am to 12:00 pm. Winners of today’s Amazon Quiz will be declared later on the next day at Amazon Quiz Winners Part. Give Correct answers in Amazon Application to Win Amazon Quiz contest. Get all the Latest Amazon Quiz Answers is here.

Amazon quiz answers today 16 March 2021: Win Marshall Speakers

  1. Today’s Amazon Quiz contest Prize: Win Marshall Speakers
  2. Amazon Quiz contest Date: March 16, 2021
  3. Amazon Quiz contest Time: 8 am–12 pm
  4. Amazon Quiz contest Winners Declaration Date: To be announced

How To Play Quiz: Win Marshall Speakers

  • This is Amazon Application only offer, so we suggest you  install the Amazon Android  && iOS app
  •  Now Just Open The Amazon Application & Create/Sign in Into Amazon Account
  •  Quiz Step –> Amazon app – Offers – click on Reward Fest banner scroll down –  Reward Fest Quiz
  •  Now Just Open the Application Banner and You Are About to Start The amazon pay Quiz With “Start” Button


Amazon quiz answers today 16 March 2021: Win Marshall Speakers

Question 1: The newly named Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad is located in a sports enclave named after whom?

AnsSardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Question 2: Which of these countries has assumed the BRICS chairmanship for the year 2021?


Question 3: As per an announcement, the first undersea tunnel in India is being built as part of the ______ Coastal Road Project. (Fill in the blanks)


Question 4: These beautiful visuals can be seen in which country that has Male as its capital?


Question 5: What is this type of fish called?


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Question 1: The 2021 Australian Open Men’s Singles final featured players from which countries?

AnsRussia and Serbia

Question 2: February 29th, 1896 is the birthday of which former Indian Prime Minister who was in office for a bit more than 2 years?

AnsMorarji Desai

Question 3: The upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Pathan’ featuring Shahrukh Khan, has an extended cameo from which of these actors?

AnsSalman Khan

Question 4: Which action sport is being performed by the man in this photo?


Question 5: The process of adding design to this drink after it has been poured is called what?


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Question 1: Who took a total of 11 wickets in the second pink ball Test ever to be played in India?

AnsAxar Patel

Question 2: The Westminister Magistrates’ Court in which city cleared the extradition of Nirav Modi to India?


Question 3: Founders Day is celebrated by scouts all over the world on 22nd February on whose birthday?

AnsLord Baden- Powell

Question 4:  Who usually played the rhythm technique on this instrument in the Beatles?

AnsJohn Lennon

Question 5: This kind of statue of a woman is often found in courthouses in order to represent what?


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Question 1: Which country is India helping to build the Shahtoot Dam?


Question 2: Which Australian cricketer recently won his third Allan Border Medal?

AnsSteve Smith

Question 3: To which animal is the current year (2021) dedicated, according to the Chinese calendar?


Question 4: What is this Japanese dish traditionally wrapped in?


Question 5: Which of the following car brands does NOT belong to this company?


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Question 1: Robert Irwin has been awarded the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year award 2020 for his drone image of what?

Ans- Bushfire in northern Australia

Question 2: Al-Amal is the first-ever uncrewed space exploration mission to Mars by which country?

Ans- UAE

Question 3: In January 2021, who became the second Indian captain and Asian skipper to win a Test series in Australia?

Ans- Ajinkya Rahane

Question 4: How many phases are there of this satellite?

Ans- 8

Question 5: Which horoscope sign is associated with this sea creature?

Ans- Cancer

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Question 1: Discovered in Madagascar, Brookesia nana, measuring approx 21.6 mm is probably the world’s smallest adult reptile. But what is it exactly?

Ans:- A chameleon

Question 2: How do we better know the biggest game in American Football, the Final of the National Football League?

Ans:- Super Bowl

Question 3: The India Meteorological Department is all set to establish the country’s first thunderstorm research testbed in which Indian state?

Ans:- Odisha

Question 4: Which country produces the most amount of these beans in the world?

Ans:- Brazil

Question 5: A group of this animal belonging to the Felidae family is known as what?

Ans:- Pride

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Question 1: Which film recently became the first Tamil film to win the coveted Tiger Award at Rotterdam Film Festival 2021?

Ans- Koozhanga

Question 2: Which of these is a “micro-blogging platform” developed in India by Aprameya Radhakrishna, promoted as an alternative to twitter?

Ans- Koo

Question 3: mWhich cricketer recently became the first player in history to score a double century in his 100th Test match?

Ans- Joe Root

Question 4: What is the name of this magical weapon used by a character from Marvel Comics?

Ans- Mjolnir

Question 5: Which email service is owned by this American Corporation?

Ans- Hotmail

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Question 1: In February 2021, a portion of which glacier broke off and caused the flooding of the Dhauliganga river?

Ans- Nanda Devi glacier

Question 2: The Square Kilometre Array is an intergovernmental project to build the world’s largest what?

Ans- Radio telescope

Question 3: Yudh Abhyas’ that recently took place in Rajasthan, is a joint military exercise between India and which country?

Ans- USA

Question 4: What was the middle name of this famous singer?

Ans- Joseph

Question 5: Which of the following is not there in the four corners of this board game?

Ans- Railroad

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Question 1: Rishiganga Hydroelectric Project, in news recently, is located in which Indian state?

Ans- Uttarakhand

Question 2: Which country recently unveiled a plan to build the world’s largest offshore wind power plant by 2030?

Ans- South Korea

Question 3: Ayesha Aziz from Kashmir recently became India’s youngest woman to become what, at the age of 25?

Ans- Pilot

Question 4: With which of these scientists, would you associate the invention of this device?

Ans- Emile Berliner

Question 5: Name this iconic landmark situated in Australia

Ans- Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Question 1:The World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) is the annual flagship event of which organisation in India?


Question 2:Recently India celebrated the birth centenary of which legendary vocalist hailed as a modern-day Tansen?

Ans- Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

Question 3:What is the name of the world’s first all-civilian astronaut mission announced by SpaceX?

Ans- Inspiration4

Question 4:What is the full name of this fashion doll introduced in 1959 by the American toy company Mattel, Inc?

Ans- Barbara Millicent Roberts

Question 5:How many players per team are there in this competitive sport played in the water?

Ans- 7

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Question 1: What word has been named by Oxford Languages as its Hindi word of the year 2020?

Ans- Aatmanirbharta

Question 2: The tradition of what is known to have begun in Raghurajpur, a heritage cloth crafts village in Odisha?

Ans- Pattachitra

Question 3: Which high-profile Google project, aiming to deliver wireless internet via flying balloons in the stratosphere, recently got shut down?

Ans- Project Loon

Question 4: This phone belongs to the biggest technology company of which country?

Ans- South Korea

Question 5: Which of the following facts are NOT true about this bird?

Ans- Cannot fly backwards

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Question 1: At the 2021 Republic Day parade, which state’s tableau showcased it’s folk music produced by Dhankul, Tori & Turahi?

Ans- Chhattisgarh

Question 2: Which company manufactures the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft?

Ans- HAL

Question 3: National Innovation Foundation is an autonomous body under which department of Government of India?

Ans- Department of Science and Technology

Question 4: Which of these US presidents banned this item from the Oval Office?

Ans- George W. Bush

Question 5: Who is claimed to be the inventor of this object, and also produced a 15 minute horror movie of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in 1910?

Ans- Thomas Edison

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Question 1: The bird ‘Monal’, the animal ‘Kasturi Mrig’, and the flower ‘BrahmaKamal’ – all featured on the 2021 Republic Day tableau of which state?

Ans- Uttarakhand

Question 2: MINUSMA is a peacekeeping mission by the UN in which country?

Ans- Mali

Question 3: What is ‘Rakshita’ developed by DRDO for CRPF?

Ans- Bike ambulance

Question 4: What do you call a group of this animal?

Ans- Ambush

Question 5: What is celebrated the day after this festival?

Ans- Boxing Day

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Question 1: Agnes Keleti, who recently celebrated her 100th birthday, is considered the world’s oldest surviving what?

Ans- Olympic champion

Question 2: Which country was the country of focus at the 51st International Film Festival of India, Goa?

Ans- Bangladesh

Question 3: The 2021 Republic Day tableau of which state/UT featured the Indian Astronomical Observatory located in Hanle?

Ans- Ladakh

Question 4: In which category did this famous musician win the Nobel Prize in 2016?

Ans- Literature

Question 5: Which of the following is a feature of this website?

Ans- Repinning

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Question 1: Which of these events, addressed by PM Narendra Modi, is celebrated every year from January 12 to 16?

Ans- National Youth Parliament Festival

Question 2: Vishwa Hindi Divas is celebrated on January 10 to commemorate the anniversary of the first World Hindi Conference held in which city?

Ans- Nagpur

Question 3: The 2021 Republic Day tableau from which of these departments depicted the process of COVID-19 Vaccine development?

Ans- Department of Biotechnology

Question 4: This fruit is native to which country?

Ans- China

Question 5: What kind of doctors specialise in the study of this vital organ?

Ans- Cardiologist

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Question 1: Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib, which featured on the Punjab tableau at the 2021 Republic Day parade, was the site of the cremation for which Guru?

Ans- Guru Tegh Bahadur

Question 2: Which country got badly affected by the storm Filomena, which unleashed the heaviest snowfall on the Iberian peninsula in 50 years?

Ans- Spain

Question 3: Recently released book ‘Gazing Eastwards’ is a lively and arresting account of which historian’s first visit to China in 1957?

Ans- Romila Thapar

Question 4: Prior to changing in 1894, what type of ball was used to play this sport?

Ans- A soccer ball

Question 5: Louis and Lola were what kind of animals owned by this famous American singer?

Ans- Llama


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