Breaking News : The formidable form of the corona

Breaking News The formidable form of the corona

Breaking News : The formidable form of the corona

Telling the Breaking news The number of active cases in the country has crossed 30 lakh. A terrible epidemic of corona is going on. The last few days have seen the enormous form of the corona. In the last 24 hours, 3,79,257 new cases came in the country. 3645 patients have died. New cases are on the rise. And the recovery rate has seen a steady decline.

The total number of infected people in the country had reached over 1,83,76,524. So far 2,04,832 patients have lost their lives in the Corona epidemic.

Breaking news – update report about corona

Seeing the outbreak of Corona in India, other countries of the world came to the rescue. Different help is coming from all countries. Lockdown has taken place again in some states of the country. Lockdown has been carried out in Maharashtra till May 15. And night curfews have been imposed in other states. 

Breaking news – Covid-19 night curfew imposed between 10 PM to 5 AM in Agartala Municipal Corporation, will be extended up to 31 May

In the states, all the shops except the necessities of life were closed and liquor shops remained open. Factory making fake Ramlesivir seized in Vadodara stock. The factory was seriously endangering the health of the people. Nowadays people are running for help. Corona’s case continues to grow. At present there are no vacancies in any of the hospitals. The number of the bed in hospitals is being increased.

It was recently announced that people over the age of 18 would be vaccinated But due to the lack of vaccine, the decision was withdrawn. It was learned that the Aquarius fair was held even though the cadets were in critical condition of Corona. And political rallies were also held. Large rallies were also held in the elected states. The rules were broken.

The state government is currently making efforts to provide adequate oxygen to the needy. And injections of Ramlesivir are also available. At present the situation in the country has become very dire. The suspension of international all flights was extended to till 31 May.

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