Cabinet Clears push to raise Marriage Age for Women at 21yrs

Cabinet Clears push to raise Marriage Age for Women at 21yrs

Hello friends, the government has recently announced that the age of marriage for women has been increased from 18 to 21 years. Cabinet Clears push to raise Marriage Age for Women at 21yrs. It is said that this will empowerment women. is it Good or Bad? what can be its benefits? what is child marriage is a big problem?

A task force was formed in 2020 to be handled by Jaya Jaitly. He said that raising the age for marriage was not to bring population control. Because India’s population is already under control. Here the age for marriage has been increased due to the problem of motherhood. like, MMR( Maternal Mortality Rate), To reduce the number of women who die during childbirth.

Cabinet Clears push to raise Marriage Age for Women at 21yrs

To do this he took feedback from 12 different universities and Talked to as many as 15 NGO, It was then decided to increase the age for marriage. The main problem here is child marriage. When women get married at a young age, then it is seen that a woman dies at the time of child birth.

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Why many people are opposing this decision?

Two people have raised objections to this decision. The first objection was raised by Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi.

Really reflects how women are viewed in certain areas of our country. Priyanka Chaturvedi says we need to bring about social change. She said that Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao has spent 73% of her budget on empty advertisements. But we all know that there is no logic in this objection.

These two things have nothing to do with the age of marriage and spending on advertising. It is also not the case that if the age of marriage is not increased then the society will change.

Those who have taken this decision are told more to bring about change in the society. Increasing accessibility for women in schools and college, Transportation to school and colleges is facilitated, And also focus on business and skill. The committee said the rule would not take effect until all of this was done.

Now let’s talk about the second objection, CPM Politician Sitaram Yeshury of said that A woman has the right to vote when she turns 18 years. According to these two objections, for a man and a woman, the age of the leg should be 18 years. The same thing was also stated by the Law Commission report of 2018.

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Similar rules are found in all other countries. According to United Nation, the age of marriage for a man is 18 years in 180 countries. And in as many as 158 countries, women are allowed to marry at the age of 18 years. According to NFHS 2019-2021 data, 23% of marriages in India are child marriages.

Some Women’s Indian Association founded A Ho 100 years ago today. Whose job was to raise a voice against the problem of women. At that time Barish government was ruling. But the British government had no interest in this.

The woman’s group then went to Freedom Fighters. Like Mahatma Gandhiji and Motilal Nehru. And urged them to raise the issue of women. The British government then came under pressure and passed a law on child marriage Restrain Act 1929, According to the Act, the age of the girl’s leg is kept to be at least 14 years And the boy is 18 years. But the British government did not benefit from passing this law.

How was it that if you complained that child marriage was taking place here, action was taken against him. But now the authority can take action on its own. Even if no one has campaigned. This was a big difference.

Then came a big change in 2006. The prohibition of child marriage act 2006. According to this law, if your child is married, if you complain, your marriage will be canceled. There is no need to get a divorce. But for this law a limit of 2 years was kept. But a provision was made for this law that if the child is married then this law can be repealed for 2 years of marriage. If you have been married for 2 years then you cannot cancel your child marriage.

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We have all tried to ban marriage for those under 18 years of age. This problem is not only in our country India but also in many countries around the world.

Cabinet Clears push to raise Marriage Age for Women at 21yrs

Child marriage is allowed in many countries if the parents of the child allow it. This law was in those countries like Tanzia and Norway. These countries have since repealed the law. And Hot, who got married 18 years ago, is illegal. Even in countries like Indonesia, the age for marriage has been fixed at 21 years.

But in the true sense of the word, the decision taken by the Modi government is correct. Child marriage should be banned and the age of marriage for women should be 21 years. If this age is increased then people will be motivated.

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