Check your Oxygen level and check your Lungs online

Check your oxygen level and check your Lungs online:

Friends, right now everyone is scared of Covid-19. Don’t be afraid because now the situation has become serious. Corona virus directly damages the lungs. And breaks people’s immunity. And it also lowers the level of oxygen.

Step of Check Your oxygen level and check your Lungs: Corona virus test online:

  1. Play the video below
  2. Take a deep breath first
  3. You have to hold yourself in your lungs when the yellow dot reaches this A point given in the video
  4. Wait until point B point is reached
  5. Once you reach point B you have to exhale. If you pass this test you will not have Corona.


What happens if I have low your oxygen levels ?

If your oxygen levels are down and you need to be started on oxygen therapy, your blood gases will be checked again while you are breathing in extra oxygen. The oxygen is delivered by small see-through tubes known as nasal cannulae or a face mask covering the nose and mouth. This check will help work out how much oxygen you need to improve the level of oxygen in your blood.

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