Chinese dragon fruit will now be called the Kamalam

Rename: Chinese dragon fruit will now be called the Kamalam:

Friends we heard that the names of the cities are changing but now the names of the Fruits are also changing. Now the BJP government has also started changing the name of Flow. Recently, the Chinese dragon fruit has been renamed, Kamalam. No one has ever seen such a thing. The names of the cities began to change and now also of Fruits.

what reason was the Chinese dragon fruit named Kamalam?
The city was renamed after that incident. And they all know what a city it was. Yes, the name of that city is Ahmedabad. Karnavati is named after Ahmedabad. But to date, his name does not appear to have changed. He still calls the city Ahmedabad. A long time ago was proposed ahead of time but has not changed yet. But the Chinese dragon fruit name was changed to Kamalam.

The color of Chinese dragon fruit is pink. This fruit has the ability to increase blood cells. it is Looks good too. If a patient feels a lack of blood cells, he should eat this fruit. This fruit helps in increasing the blood cells quickly. And the patient recovers quickly. This fruit is beneficial for the patient who has low platelets in his body. The scientific name of this fruit is Hylocereus undatus.

Production of Dragon Fruit:

Now, this fruit is also cultivated in Gujarat. Cultivation of this fruit is found in Kutch of Gujarat. At present, this dragon fruit is cultivated in one thousand acres. This fruit looks like a lotus. That is why it is named Kamalam. Our Gujarat government appealed to the Indian agriculture research institute (ICAR) to name dragon fruit Kamalam. The Indian agriculturist has also accepted the proposal. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Bhai confirmed this and announced that Dragon Fruit will henceforth be known as Kamalam. Vijaybhai Rupani has named this fruit in Sanskrit.

Now in Gujarat, Dragon Fruit will be known as Kamalam. It is learned that the government will apply for the pattern of Kamalam fruit in the near future. There is also talk that the BJP has won votes by talking about naming the city of Ahmedabad Karnavati. But the name of this dragon fruit was immediately changed. People are saying that the government has no interest in changing the name of Ahmedabad.

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