Climate Change – Extreme heatwave in Canada – 50°C Temperature

Climate Change in Canada – Extreme heatwave in Canada – 50°C Temperature

Friends, as we know, Canada is considered to be the coldest country in the world. there Temperatures around -30, -20 are normal. But in the last few days this temperature has changed. In some parts of Canada, temperatures have reached +49.6 degrees. That means 50 degrees. But this time it is too much climate change in canada.

Such an increase in heat has not happened even in Delhi till date. Temperatures of 50 degrees are normally found in Middle East countries like Dubai. Also seen in Canada right now. how is it possible?

For what reason did this temperature rise?

Let’s talk about the particular area where this temperature has risen. Canada is home to a state called British Columbia. It is located in the South West. And there is a village called Lytton in this state. This village is crossed by a latitude of 50 degrees. The closer you get to the North, the colder the equator becomes. Most of the houses in this village do not have AC. As for the Climate of this area it is for the mild Climate.

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Lytton Climate Change in Canada

Climate Change in Canada

From the table above we can estimate the temperature in this village. The maximum temperature in July and August is considered to be 28 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius. Whenever the summer season comes in this village, the temperature there exceeds 40 degrees. But in winter it can go up to -5 degrees.  But according to the records, the temperature here has also gone to -31 degrees.

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Now if we compare this temperature with the temperature of Delhi. Delhi has also seen temperatures as high as 45 degrees at times. But the highest temperature on record is 48 degrees. But the Lytton village in Canada also broke the record. The power cable also got burnt due to so much heat. And the road was broken. Some of the houses did not have AC so they went to a place with AC to get cool. Some people fell asleep in their cars with AC. This summer a fire broke out in a nearby forest. Due to this fire about 90% of the village was burnt to ashes. This heat is considered to be the diagonal heat dome.

What is Heat Dome?

Normally hot air is going upwards. And originated in the High Pressure in the atmosphere. This high pressure causes hot air to be pushed downwards. And it gets hotter. If you know more about this some people point out the reason for this is the Heat Dome. But due to such a change in the atmosphere, the extreme event becomes more frequent.

But many people believe that this is due to global warming. But this is not always the case. The effects of such weather are due to changes in the climate. And it becomes more powerful.

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According to Professor Michael Mann of the Atmosphere, the frequency of heat waves has tripled. The more the earth’s temperature rises, the more the weather event occurs. Even if there is an increase of 1 degree, there is a terrible hope. This increase causes the heat to drop a lot. And Bio Diversity is also at risk. The Earth’s all-average temperature has risen by 1 degree.

The increase in temperature is not the same in all parts of the earth. More in some areas and less in others. But Canada is one such place where more is found. In 2015, Canada’s average temperature was even higher than 1.7 degrees. Global warming is more prevalent in mountainous areas. In such an area 75% fast climate changes. 

Temperatures as high as 35 degrees can be life threatening. No matter how fit or healthy you are, this can be life threatening. In the heat we sweat. And our body’s job is to keep us cool. Evaporation keeps our skin cool. If there is 100% humidity in the air then there is no room for sweat to evaporate. If evaporation does not occur then our body cannot keep cool.

According to records, temperatures above 3 degrees are observed in some areas. And it can be life threatening.

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What is solution for climate change?

Turn off the lights whenever you are not in your room. Not to waste electricity. Using a bicycle instead of a bike. but All of this has become obsolete.

  • Government policy needs to be changed to improve climate change. For example, the subsidy for fossil fuel should be removed.
  • Looking to increase the use of electric cars around the world.
  • Taxes on carbon should be increased.
  • Individual awareness should be increased due to climate change.

A simulator has been created by MIT research. This simulator will show how much change in temperature will be due to changes in different policies around the world.

What is carbon tax?

Carbon tax means levying as much carbon as there is energy in whatever energy source we have. This means that the higher the amount of carbon, the more carbon dioxide will be emitted. So much tax should be levied on it. Many companies in the world have introduced carbon tax.

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