Constant increase in the price of petrol and diesel

The constant increase in the price of petrol and diesel:

Friends, we know that the price of all things goes up. Inflation is rising day by day. Currently, crude oil prices have risen sharply. And there is an election atmosphere going up all over the country right now. Petrol and diesel prices are also on the rise. In some states, the gasoline of petrol has crossed Rs.100.

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In this time of inflation, people cannot afford such high prices. The prices of gasoline and diesel are constantly increasing day by day. The last three days have seen an increase of 90 paise. In Sriganganagar, the price of petrol has crossed Rs.100. gasoline and diesel prices have been hiked for the third day in a row in India. In Delhi, gasoline was priced at Rs.88 per liter on Thursday. In Mumbai, the price of diesel had crossed Rs 85 per liter.

The highest gasoline price in India is in Srinagar, Rajasthan. And also comes different types of gasoline. One is simple gasoline and the other is premium. The price of Sada gasoline has gone up to Rs.98.7 and the price of premium petrol has crossed Rs.100. The country has seen a steady increase in petrol and diesel prices over the last three days.

In Ahmedabad city, the price of gasoline has reached Rs. 85.10. And the price of diesel has gone up to Rs. 84.02. And more, it is being learned that gasoline and diesel prices are set to go up by March 2021. On Thursday, the petrol price was hiked by 25 paise. And the price of diesel was increased by 30 paise. Our country’s Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that the price of gasoline and diesel is constantly rising, However, the government has no plans to reduce these prices. Crude oil prices have crossed 61$ a barrel for the first time this year.

And the mag of crude oil is also growing globally. The retail price of petrol has been increased by Rs. 18.26 by the year 2020. And the price of diesel has gone up by Rs. 15.74. This figure is said to be a record in Corona’s time.

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