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Decrease Corona case in Surat:

The number of corona cases in Surat city has been declining day by day. Even at such times, many cases come to mind. Two elderly people died while undergoing treatment in Surat City. Excessive cases of embarrassment are seen. Many patients are discharged from the hospital. A total of more than 2000 cases have been reported in Surat and rural areas. According to information received from the health department, one patient from Hirabag and one from Udhana died during treatment.

Surat City has the highest number of patients among the 180 newly registered patients of Corona. Out of the total 35,000 cases in Surat city to date, 200 have died. Several patients in Surat Shishil and Schmeier are currently in critical condition. Many patients also have to keep the ventilator across. Some patients also have to be kept on oxygen. A total of 32000 patients have been discharged in Surat city. While a patient from a rural area has been given porn left. Thus a total of how many patients have reached home so far.

COVID-19 Situation:


The charge of the medical superintendent of the new civil has been given to the doctor of the medical college. Given the current situation, even the officers at the police station are getting infected. It has become difficult for students to cross the school at this time. Raginiben, head of the gynecology department of the new hospital in Surat and in-charge medical superintendent, was given charge of Gandhinagar for two days.  Nowadays, a good company in the twenties is making vaccines. All the countries of the world are working hard to make a vaccine.

According to WHO(World Health Organization), the disease is not going to end soon. A lot of people are in trouble at this time. People started walking to their hometowns as they could not find any vehicle. People have also faced a lot of trouble due to lockdown. Some people did not even get enough to eat. And all businesses were shut down. Due to the closure of the business, people were getting paid but it was also closed. Everyone was waiting for the lockdown to end. All the people were praying to God that he would live his life as before.

Many companies have made vaccines these days but the vaccine has not had a full effect. Some people start but some people are seeing side effects. All are waiting for this serious illness of Corona to go away. And any country that develops a vaccine against this global epidemic will have a very high profile. Not a single festival was celebrated. The wedding occasion was also banned. Everyone had to face very serious situations.

Corona vaccine Price:

According to the government, the corona vaccine will be given to everyone for free. The government has also decided that it will be given to the elderly. Corona Warrior will be given that vaccine. Doses of the vaccine are being torn.

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