corona vaccine side effects in india

corona vaccine side effects in India:

Friends, you all know about the Corona epidemic. Corona vaccine is currently in vogue. Corona vaccine is being delivered to all countries. To some extent, it is also having an effect. But it is also having a side effect on some people. It is also seeing a rate among people to get this corona vaccine. The whole world is facing this terrible disease (COVID-19) nowadays.

The process of vaccination has been started in some countries. But those Corona warriors are vaccinated. Then it appears that the citizens are being vaccinated. There are also reports from some cities that officials are being pressured to vaccinate locals to meet the target. Rumors have been circulating that people are being vaccinated. But if this epidemic is to be avoided, vaccination is mandatory for all the people of the country.

Corona Vaccine News:

Friends, you are getting to know that the quantity of COVID-19 has reached our India. And the process of vaccination has been started. And corona vaccine is also being exported to many countries. Many countries are ordering corona vaccine from India. Strange poor cases are coming up during the vaccination process.

side effects of Corona Vaccine cases:

Right now everyone is questioning the corona vaccine. Is it necessary to get this COVID-19 vaccine? Has the COVID-19 vaccine had any side effects? When should I get this vaccine? Should he be vaccinated if he has a long illness? At present, all such questions are causing fear among the people. Because people are also losing their lives after vaccination. The primary need of the people is health. People are refusing to get vaccinated for fear of losing their lives.

A case has been made in USA where a doctor loses his life rather than serving. Doctors there say that treating a corona patient is very brutal. Doctors have to be very careful about their safety. One case has come up in recent times. In the city of Vadodara in Gujarat, a case has come out regarding the corona vaccine. Government employees and cleaners were vaccinated in Vadodara city on Sunday. One person from Vadodara city was vaccinated. His name was Jignesh Solanki and he was a cleaner. The person did not experience any side effects for up to an hour after vaccination. But suddenly a two passed and the man died.

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He died on the way home after being vaccinated. Jignesh also told his family members that the vaccine must be given. Two hours after Jigneshbhai was vaccinated, his health suddenly deteriorated and he started feeling dizzy. And then Jignesh fainted And died. Jignesh’s family was shocked when the incident happened And shook them.  However, Jigneshbhai was treated for heart disease five years ago. Employees are being pressured to meet the Corona vaccine target, her family said. Jignesh’s family refused to take Jignesh’s body as the whole incident took place. Sister of Jigneshbhai came to see the body and she fainted.


Jigneshbhai’s family members said that Jigneshbhai had heart disease but did not pay any attention to it. Dr. Devesh Patel said that no one is pressured for vaccination. People can get vaccinated at will. There is no pressure for that. Right now our India is fighting against Corona. Now the number of new cases is decreasing day by day.

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