Deoghar Ropeway Accident : 2 kills,15 still stranded

Deoghar Ropeway Accident : 2 kills,15 still stranded

Deoghar Ropeway Accident : A ropeway accident has taken place on Trikut mountain of Deoghar in recent times. This incident has happened 48 hour, A total of 48 people are trapped in this ropeway. The army is trying its best to save them all. The rescue operation has been underway since Tuesday morning. According to the latest news, 42 people have been rescued so far.

3 people were also killed in the incident. There was also an Army man in this trapped ropeway. He was also trapped in the trolley. When the rescue operation was stopped on Monday evening, a child with 5 people in the No.20 trolley, 2 people in the No.19 trolley, 2 people in the No.7 trolley and 5 people in the No.6 trolley were trapped.

Deoghar Ropeway Accident- Man fell from helicopter during rescue

Rescue operations are being carried out by the Air Force. The accident happened during a rescue operation in which a man fell from a helicopter. During the rescue, the man lost his balance and fell to his death. People trapped in the trolley have to spend the whole night in it.

As the passengers were sitting in the trolley and coming down, the trolley suddenly started shaking, As a result, 6 passengers were seriously injured. The rescue operation was started by the locals who were staying there, But the place was dangerous and the night was getting dark so the trouble was getting worse.

Some people managed to get the trolley down with the help of the locals. The rescue operation had to be stopped on Sunday due to nightfall. The whole incident created an atmosphere of fear among the people. The rescue operation was called off immediately after the deaths.

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Relief material delivered by drone

A rescue operation was launched by helicopter to rescue people from Monday morning, But the ropeway wire was making rescue difficult. Biscuits and water were delivered by drone to those trapped in the trolley. Former Jharkhand Chief Minister says people trapped in trolleys had to hang in the air all night due to government negligence, And demanded 1 crore rupees for those who die.

This mission has not been completed yet. There are still 3 passengers trapped in the trolley. People who have to hang in the air for 2 nights. in this rescue operation army, NDRF and ITBP are also involved. The army had to be called in to help with the situation.

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