Do you know How Internet Works?

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Do you know How Internet Works?

Friends, you often have questions in your mind as to who is running the internet? Do you know how internet works? Who controls that of the whole world? You might think that the company that provides internet controls the internet. But this is not true. You may also think that our government is controlling the internet. That too is wrong.

Friends, you must know that Godaddy is a famous website for taking domain. Where you can register your own domain name. But you may also be wondering how this website can sell domains? Who would have given them permission to sell the domain? Many such questions will come to your mind.

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What is ICNN?

There is still an authority to control Godaddy. And his name is ICNN( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). This is a non-profit organization. Which is located in Los Angeles. This organization has top level authority. The company may give permission to sell the domain to another website. It is up to this authority to decide what kind of domain it can be. Such as .com, .in, .info, .org, etc.

This organization sells top level domains to another company. A computer that connects to any mobile Internet makes the Internet. Also known as server. Whether it is your mobile or your computer or server, they are all connected to each other by wire. Underwater cables have been laid all over the world. Which connects all the computers in the world to each other.

Now you may be wondering how the internet works in mobile? It does not connect to any wires. But yes it is connected to a tower near you. Out of which connect is due to receiving 4G or 3G signal. And whatever this tower is is connected to the wire. And those wires are connected to the whole world.

There are a lot of companies in the world that deliver internet via wire to your home. Which is called ISPs(Internet Service Providers). Such as Airtel, Jio, BSNL, etc. And if the government asks to block any website, this company has to be blocked. Even so many people They get access to the website using the VPN application.

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What is IP Address?

You all know that all mobiles have a phone number and in the same way mobiles connected to internet also have IP address. In which your phone, computer or even data server is also given IP address. All websites also have their own IP address. The domain name is connected to the IP address. Whenever you search for a website in Baravsar, Dance changes the domain name to IP address.

Who controls the internet?

Friends, the correct answer is that no one can control the Internet And it is also controlled by all of us. Because the Internet is a decentralized system. The Internet has been running since this system.

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