E Voter card: how to download digital voter id card

Friends, after losing our voter card, it is difficult to get it back. But don’t worry, now our Indian government has made E voter card available. From now on, digital voter id can be downloaded. You also have to stand in a long line to get a new voter identity card. Even if the turn comes or not. So you don’t have to face all these problems, that’s why the Election Council started the service of digital voter card(e-EPIC).

Who are eligible for e-EPIC(Digital voter id)?

You can download your water card till January 31. Those who registered in November-December last year. And from February 1, all voters will get the benefit of this facility.

The service has been launched on National voters Day. The Election Commission has launched the e-EPIC scheme. Epic means Electrol Photo Identity Card. This feature will allow people to download Digital voter id in their mobile. And they can also be printed. This E voter card can also be stored digitally at your convenience. This means that government apps like Digilocker can also be stored in it. But before downloading e-Epic, you have to make your own KYC. 

How e-EPIC(Digital voter card) Benefits citizens? Self-service model:

Once this e voter card has been created, if someone’s address has changed, they will not need to create a new voter card again and again. If any personal information changes, you will not have to create a voter card a second time. And this voter card also includes a Digital QR code. Anyone who has lost their voter card will be able to download the new card online from the official website e-EPIC. And there is no charge. This is a free service. At present, you have to pay Rs. 25 to avail of this service.

How to Download E Voter id (e-EPIC)?

Step 1. Please Register/Login on NVSP (NATIONAL VOTERS SERVICE PORTAL).

Register to Avail following Facilities:

1. Registration for new elector



digital voter id

Next Step to fill your Detail:

digital voter card

Step 3. Please Verify the OTP sent on Your registered mobile number.

Step 2. Enter EPIC Number or Form Reference Number.

Step 4. Click on the Download e-EPIC.

How to Complete Your KYC for e-EPIC?

Step 1. Register/Login on NVSP and click on Download Digital voter card. Enter EPIC number and click on KYC button Link to complete the KYC.

Step 2. Pass the face liveness verification.

Step 3. Update your Mobile Number to complete KYC.

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