Fake Loan App List 2023 of India that is Banned by RBI!

Fake Loan App List: The information given in our article is going to be very important and beneficial for those people who want to take loan through loan application or are thinking about taking loan.

Due to compulsion, we need to take loan sometime or the other, by taking advantage of this compulsion, the fake or fraud app hacks the personal information of the people in the greed of giving loans and later they do the work of cheating and looting.

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When the person will not know whether the app from which he wants to take the loan is Fake App or Real App, until the person comes to know that he has given all his information to the Fake App Loan in the process of taking the loan. Well, later there is nothing left but to regret.

That is why in this article we will tell you about more than 1286 such fake loan apps which are doing the work of looting, cheating and cheating people, in which many people get trapped, it is better that you Know about all the apps so that you do not have to regret later.

So let us tell you that What is Fake Loan app, Fake Loan App List 2023 and How they done frauds to you:

What is Fake Loan App?

Fake Loan App List: Fake Loan App / Fake Instant Loan App are such loan apps, using which scammers cheat people in the name of providing instant loans. These fraud loan apps are downloaded in people’s mobiles by giving attractive advertisements by these scammers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords and WhatsApp, email and SMS etc. Once downloaded, this Fake Loan App hacks your phone’s personal data like photos, videos, contact list and other content and uses it in a wrong way.

One of the ways scammers cheat people in Fake Loan Apps is by taking various charges in the name of loan approval and in another way by Fraudestr threatening to use your personal data in wrong activities. Extortion is done and these fraudsters will not leave you until you stop giving them money or your bank account becomes empty.

How is Fraud done by Loan Apps?

Fake Loan App List: Links are sent to random people through SMS in the name of providing instant loans to people and in these messages it is claimed that by clicking on the link, you will get instant loan easily without any security, documents, and at an affordable interest rate.

Most of the people get trapped in these tempting loan messages and click on the link sent on the pretext of getting a quick loan and download these Fake loan app in India in their smart phones and leak their personal data. . Due to which the fraudsters cheat money from the applicant by taking advantage of his shared information.

List of Fake Instant Loan Apps in India

Fake Loan App List: By the way, instant mobile app that gives loan through online medium is available in the market in India, which provides you the facility to provide loan immediately. But here we are giving you the Fake Loan App List banned by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which is given as below:

  1. Cash Host
  2. Easy Credit
  3. Mobile Cash
  4. Metro Finance
  5. Store Loan
  6. Rupi Smart
  7. Gold Cash
  8. Loan Fortune
  9. Money Tree
  10. Cash Park
  11. Jojo Cash
  12. Income Loan
  13. Flash Rupi
  14. Sun Cash
  15. Live Cash
  16. Bright Cash
  17. Magic Money
  18. Sunny Loan
  19. Unit Cash
  20. Royal Cash
  21. Marvel Cash
  22. Cash Fish
  23. Sharp Cash
  24. RupicFenta
  25. Voice Loan
  26. M Pocket
  27. Rupic Buzz
  28. Express Loan
  29. Money Pocket
  30. Apple Cash
  31. Hu Cash
  32. Cash Cola
  33. Loan Dream
  34. Income Ok
  35. Fast Rupi
  36. Angel Loan App
  37. Cash Advance
  38. Quick Loan App
  39. Rush Loan App
  40. Krazy Cash
  41. Phone Pay
  42. Sky Loan
  43. Joe Cash
  44. Orange Loan
  45. Loan Sathi
  46. Cash Hole
  47. Wallet Pai
  48. Agile Loan app
  49. Angel Loan
  50. Apna Paisa
  51. Apple cash
  52. Asan Loan
  53. ATD lone
  54. Balance lone
  55. Basket loan
  56. Bellono Loan
  57. Bellono LoanApp
  58. Best Paisa
  59. Betwinner betting
  60. Bharat Cash
  61. Bright Cash
  62. Bright money
  63. Buddy Loan
  64. Busrupee
  65. cash
  66. CashAdvance
  67. Cash Book
  68. Cash bowl
  69. Cash CarryApp
  70. Cash Cola
  71. Cash Cow
  72. Cash curry
  73. Cash fish
  74. Cash go
  75. Cash GuruApp
  76. Cash Hole
  77. Cash host
  78. Cash machine
  79. Cash Magic
  80. Cashmanager
  81. CashMine
  82. Cash Papa
  83. Cash park
  84. CashPark
  85. CashParkLoan
  86. CashPocket
  87. Cash pocketlive
  88. Cashstar miniso rupee
  89. Cash & Carry LoanApp
  90. Cashpal
  91. Clear Loan
  92. CoinRupee
  93. Coming
  94. CrazyCash
  95. Credit Buzz
  96. Credit wallet
  97. DailyLoan
  98. Dreamloan
  99. EaglecashloanApp
  100. EarlyCreditApp
  101. Easy Borrow Cashloan
  102. Easybrave
  103. Easycredit
  104. Easyloan
  105. EasyLoan
  106. Express Loan
  107. Fastrupee
  108. Fastcash
  109. Fastcoin
  110. FastPaisa
  111. Fastrupee
  112. FastRupee
  113. FirstCash
  114. FlashLoanMobile
  115. Flash Rupee
  116. Flipcash
  117. ForPay
  118. fortunenow
  119. fresh loan
  120. Funny Happen
  121. GoldCash
  122. Gold Loan App
  123. GoldmanPayback
  124. guruloanapp
  125. HandCashFriendlyLoan
  126. Handyloan
  127. HelloRupee
  128. HolidayMobileLoan
  129. HooCash
  130. Hucash
  131. ICredit
  132. Ikarza
  133. Income Loan
  134. IncomeOK
  135. INDloan
  136. India AICredit
  137. InstaLoan
  138. Instamoney
  139. JoCash
  140. Justmoney
  141. Kash loan
  142. Koko cash
  143. koko loan
  144. LendMall
  145. LiveCash
  146. loancube
  147. Loandream
  148. Loan Fortune
  149. LoanHomeSmall
  150. loan loji
  151. LoanResource(disi)
  152. LoanSathi
  153. Loanzone
  154. LuckyWallet
  155. Mpocket
  156. Magic Money
  157. Marvelcash
  158. MicroFinance
  159. MiRupe
  160. Minutecast
  161. MinuteCash
  162. MoCash
  163. Mobikquick
  164. Mobilecash
  165. Monday Money App
  166. Moneybox
  167. Moneylander
  168. MoneyMaster
  169. Money Mutual
  170. Money Pocket
  171. moneystandpro
  172. Money Standup
  173. Moneytree
  174. Morecash
  175. MyCashLoan
  176. Obcashloan
  177. OneLoanCashAnyTime
  178. One Loan Easy Loan
  179. onstream
  180. OrangeLoan
  181. Paisawala
  182. Phonepay
  183. PlumpWallet
  184. pocketbank
  185. Pokemoney
  186. Pubcash
  187. Qualitycash
  188. QuickLoanApp
  189. ReliableRupeeCash
  190. Richcash
  191. RichLoanGo
  192. RocketLoan
  193. Royalablerupeecash
  194. Royalcash
  195. RupeeBox
  196. RupeeLoan
  197. RupeeMagic
  198. Rupeemall
  199. RupeeOnline
  200. Rupeesalam
  201. Rupeesmart
  202. RupeeStar
  203. Rupeekbuzz
  204. Rupeekcash
  205. Rupeekfenta
  206. Rupeeking
  207. Rupeeplus
  208. Rupiyabus
  209. Rupiyacompany
  210. RushLoan
  211. SamayRupee
  212. Sharpcorn
  213. SharpLoan
  214. SilverPocket
  215. SimpleLoan
  216. SkyLoan
  217. Slicepay
  218. SmallLoan
  219. SmartCoin
  220. Starloan
  221. Suncash
  222. SUNCASH
  223. Sunnyloan
  224. Timeloan
  225. treelone
  226. TytoCash
  227. UnitCash
  228. UPALoan
  229. UPOLoancom
  230. Voiceloan
  231. WalletPayee
  232. WarnRupee
  233. WenCredit
  234. WowRupee
  235. ZozoCash
  236. StoreLoan
  237. ExpressLoan.

For your information, let us tell you that more than 1100 such fake loan apps are registered in the list of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which have been banned as well as removed from the Google Play Store.

Which is the best instant loan mobile app?

Fake Loan App List: Listed below are 10 instant mobile loan applications for you. From whom you can take loan without any hesitation. Because all these mobile applications are recognized by RBI and NBFC. Friends, I have written the user rating of Google Play Store to make your work easier. So that your time is saved.

1. CASHe – 4.5/5
2. Dhani – 3.8/5
3. Home Credit – 4.3/5
4. India Lends – 3.8/5
5. Money Tap – 4.4/5
6. Money View – 4.6/5
7. mPokket – 4.1/5
8.Nira – 4.4/5
9. PayMe India – 4.2/5
10. PaySense – 4.1/5

What to do if you have been cheated by fake mobile app?

Fake Loan App List: First of all, register a complaint at your nearest police station and establish contact with the Sabor Crime Branch of your state.

Tell your grievance by establishing contact with the customer care officer of Reserve Bank of India and NBFC. You can get the right advice and help too here.

If possible, share about the fake mobile app on social media as well so that no one of your own becomes a victim of it again.

What are the Ways to avoid Online Fake Loan App?

After knowing the Fake Loan App List and what is Fake load app, let’s know the ways to avoid fake loan apps..

  1. Fake Loan App should be avoided to download and install in your mobile.
  2. Don’t apply for loan without getting information by falling in the trap of low loan or quick loan. Apply for loan only from a registered bank or institution giving loan.
  3. Never share your personal documents or Info with any Unknown number or person.
  4. If you suspect any kind of online fraud, take cyber help and register your complaint immediately on the cyber help number 1930 issued by the Government of India or www.cybercrime.gov.in.


So Here we informed about Every Aspects of the Fraud done by the Fake and Fraud apps in India, We tell you Fake loan app list 2023, What is fake apps, How they frauds you and What you have to do if any type of this scam by this Faurd app happen to you! Thanks for reading the post, Kindly share this helpful knowledge to your friend circle and also make them aware by this fake loan app list 2023 info.

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