Find out what is going on with the customer in the power company

Find out what is going on with the customer in the power company

Friends, have you ever noticed your Power company invoice? There are so many mistakes in it. People pay their bills only after seeing the amount. You have to pay as much as you have spent on electricity. But you are paying more than that.

For that you have to wake up and raise your voice. The power company is cheating with customers. Today we will know how fraud is happening. You can see in the photo below how much the price per unit looks like. 

Unit wise rate in power company :

power company
Customers should be charged as per the photo above. But sometimes the customer is overcharged. And if the customer does not pay, the electricity supply is cut off. So friends you need to wake up. If you are being charged more than you can afford, you should go to the power company to pay the bill. 

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Suppose you consume 100 units in a month then you have to calculate the price of one unit only Rs. 3.05. Prices are not the same for all customers. The unit price is determined on the basis of customer consumption. If you use more than 501 units, you will have to pay Rs. 5.20. If you feel that you have to pay more than you used to, then you need to go to the company. 

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