Friendship day 2022 : Date, History, Significance

Friendship day 2022: There is no public holiday on the day of Friendship Day .But it falls on Sunday, August 7, 2022 and most of the businesses in the world have a regular Sunday holiday in India and other countries.

Some people don’t have the best friends and some people have a lot of friends. They share both our joys and sorrows, they also help us cope with all our sorrows and are present at any time in our lives. While your friendship events occur throughout the year, June 8 has been designated as National Best Friends Day in the United States and Canada.

If you got less marks in your exam.. then what happened.. I too have got zero. My car is punctured.. you stay there for 10 minutes, I reach there now. I will wear your black jacket… yes take it.. but wash it back. All this is the quote of friends, this is what friendship is.

In today’s life everyone will have friends and some of them will be with whom you spend the whole day. If you are in any trouble somewhere, the first thing you do is to call your friend. Such friends who are ready to stand with you even in the middle of the night, whatever the situation may be or those who help you in office work, today is the day to say thanks to all such friends and make them stronger by expressing your friendship. It’s Friendship Day.

Friendship day 2022 : History

The first Friendship Day was organized in 1930 by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards. He decided to celebrate Friendship Day on August 2; All the people will come together on this day and celebrate Friendship Day. But at the time, people realized that he only wanted to sell his greeting cards through this day, and he stopped having holidays in the United States. August 2 is still celebrated as Friendship Day in most of the countries of Asia.

The movement was officially recognized by the United Nations when it took place in 2011.

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When is friendship day 2022? – Friendship day 2022 Date

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, Friendship Day will be celebrated with much fanfare. There is no traditional way to celebrate National Best Friendship Day. It is instead celebrated independently by different people. You can go out for a drink with your college friend or street friends or celebrate this day by participating in any other activity on which you can refresh your memories with your friend.

Friendship Day was first celebrated on this day in Paraguay. For the first time in South American countries, Friendship Day 2022 was celebrated as a celebration. Friendship Day is celebrated every year in India on the first Sunday of August, but in South American countries, Friendship Day is celebrated at the end of July. Friendship Day has become more popular in countries like Bangladesh and Malaysia with digital communications. The United Nations had also put its stamp on Global Friendship Day.

Friendship day 2022 : Significance

The UN General Assembly declared August 7 as Friendship Day, which could inspire efforts for friendship between the surrounding peoples, neighboring countries, their own cultures and individuals.

Today’s young generation, as future leaders, emphasizes on embracing diverse cultures and participating in community activities that promote international understanding and respect.

Life’s Best Friends Friendship Day celebrates the bonds of friendship that bind individuals together. August 7th is especially seen celebrating the relationship between a person and their closest best friend or group of friends. For some individuals, their closest friends are their own spouse or even their siblings, their parents or even their pets. Anyway, let’s celebrate Friendship Day together on 7th August.

People all over the world are eagerly awaiting Friendship Day, one of the days of the year dedicated to our friends. Celebrated with much fervor and enthusiasm by all the friends, Friendship Day falls on the first Sunday of August every year.

In the lives of many, some friendships remain with us even more than others, although the idea of ​​friendship is so invaluable that it cannot be described in a single day’s observance.

The friendship that sets him apart from all other relationships. In 1935, Friendship Day was universally recognized by the United Nations. Since that day, Friendship Day has been celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm, exhilaration and heartfelt sentiments. Friendship Day is celebrated by sending greetings to friends, making gifts, forming friendship bands and many other activities.

Friendship day 2022 : Social media vali dosti

The meaning of friendship has changed over time. Now in this era, the nature of friendship relationship keeps changing every moment. As places and interests change, a friendship that once seemed unbreakable turns into a formality in an instant. It is not that all friends are like this and in the meantime we forget old friends, but yes all friends change with time.

In today’s time it is becoming difficult to maintain face-to-face friendship, as time passes, the number of friends also decreases. But yes, in today’s digital age, efforts are being made to maintain friendship by taking the help of social media. Some people may have a large number of friends on social media, but in person such friendship does not prove to be a helpful social media friendship when needed. In today’s digital age, friends become friends without even meeting in the world. People make friends very fast on social websites. But you cannot trust too much on this internet friendship.

Here are the top messages you can send to your best friend to express your feelings:

  1. Friendship is the hardest thing in the world. It is not something you are taught in a school. If you have not learned the meaning of true friendship, you have not learned anything in life. Happy BFF Day 2022.
  2. Friendship is an important factor in life. Friendship is nothing but sharing in life. Happy National Best Friend Day 2022.
  3. Hey friend thank you for giving me a shoulder to cry and for taking me out for a meal to cheer me up. Happy National Best Friend Day.
  4. If you weren’t, I don’t know what I would be like. Without saying a word, thank you for taking care of me. Happy National Best Friend Day.
  5. A group of friends is a family, and then a friend like you becomes a family. I send you my unconditional love on National Best Friend Day 2022

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