Houston Maritime Attorney : offshore accident lawyer

Houston Maritime Attorney : offshore accident lawyer

it is important that you hire a Houston officer accident lawyer that will thoroughly investigate the claim to determine who is liable and what must supply call citizen pleasure unless we make a recovery in your case investigating.

the offshore injury to determine which law applies you need an offshore accident lawyer who will thoroughly investigate the claim very detailed records and laws are kept by the companies in charge of offshore vessels.

Maritime Law and Personal Injury Law under Admiralty or Maritime

these records must be obtained and reviewed to determine whether proper procedures were followed moreover in serious injury cases nothing tells the story better than going to the scene. the law there is a large obvious state and federal law applying to these types of claims trying to navigate these laws without an offshore accident attorney is like trying to pilot the cities without a map you need an offshore accident to help you determine which of the following laws of light your case law insurance and hardware workers act jones act state personal injury law federal claims long shortness and harder workers compensation act.

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the master members of any crew or vessel who are working on the other continental shelf exploration in the development of natural resources this is what is known as the outer continental influence act.

it provides payment of compensation for disability or debt suffered while working on the navigable warriors in the united states it is effectively workers compensation for certain marine workers and many dog workers that are not otherwise covered by the jones act however unlike other areas of the law.

is different then an injury that would occur on land. and the reason for that is different laws apply

The Federal law of General Maritime and Admiralty law applies applies to any accident that happens on navigable water. What that means is any body of water where commerce is commenced. Not your backyard pond or lake But, it would be on the Intracoastal Waterway, out in the ocean, or any lake or river were commerce is conducted.

there are major differences:

  • The statute of limitations is different than that for a medical practice case
  • different than a motor vehicle case or a slip and fall case.
  • just under general maritime law.

Offshore accident lawyer:

the burden of proof is considered because you must only tilt this tale of justice cruise ship accident offshore injuries that do not fall under the above law may be covered by state personal injury law the state law that applies is typically determined by the proximity of the accident because the law from state to state to the above that may also apply.

you should hire to the statute of limitations is a deadline by which your injury lawsuit claim must be filed or you lose the right to bring it federal and state laws the statute of limitations may also vary.

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Houston Maritime Attorney:

you should consult an officer immediately to determine your rights and limitations for more information please read what statute of limitations applause and admiralty and maritime personal injury actions at cinnamons and pleasure pc. you don’t pay a dime unless we make a recovery for you the initial consultation at our Houston office or over the phone is absolutely free to call us to speak with an offshore accident attorney who will fight for your best interest today at 2800-198-111.

The Jones Act is a federal law that protects seamen; not just on cargo ships and tankers but on barges, drilling rigs, off shore platforms, work-boats, cruise ships, and any other type of vessel.

If you are injured as a result of your employer’s negligence, the Jones Act entitles you to recover full compensation for your offshore injuries.

The law also requires that maritime employers pay maintenance and cure, or medical and living expenses to offshore workers injured in the service of their employer’s vessels.

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