How to find nearest covid-19 vaccination centre

Hello friends, Are you looking for a covid-19 vaccination center? So you don’t have to go out anywhere. WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature launch in India that will help its users find their nearest Corona vaccination center. The WhatsApp messaging app will use the AI(artificial intelligence) chatbot for this.

This Functionality has been added under WhatsApp application MyGov Corona Helpdesk Chatbot. To recall, the AI chatbot was launched early 2020 as the world faced the Corona pandemic for the first time. After some time, the whatsapp chat application has added to its functionality, which now includes information on the nearest Covid-19 Vaccination Center.

How to find nearest Covid-19 vaccination centre using WhatsApp

  • First of all Save this mobile Number +919013151515 in your mobile phone.

  • Send message Hi or Namaste in the chat to begin the conversation.
  • Chatbot An automated give response and ask questions and ultimately your area pin code where you reside in. 
  • Enter the your area pin code.
  • MyGoV Corona Helpdesk Chatbot send the list of nearest Covid-19 vaccination centre in the mentioned location.
  • It will also show to know how many slots are available in your vaccination centre.
  • MyGoV Corona Helpdesk Chatbot will also send you a registration link to book an appointment for vaccination.

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