Jeff Bezos leaving amazon: Jeff Bezos to leave post chief executive officer of Amazon after 27 years

Jeff Bezos leaving amazon

Jeff Bezos to leave post chief executive officer of Amazon after 27 years:

Jeff Bezos leaving amazon: Friends, we all know that Amazon is the number one company in the world. Amazon owner Jeff Bezos has been the company’s chief executive officer for the past 27 years. But suddenly he decided to resign from the post of Chief Executive Officer. Yes guys, Jeff Bezos leaving amazon. But he will continue to be associated with Amazon as Amazon chairman. Suddenly everyone is surprised to hear such news. You all know that this Amazon company has been going on for a very long time. And its name is also included in the top company in the world. Amazon is currently providing all services. like eCommerce.


Jeff Bezos leaving amazon: Announcement

Amazon is currently serving millions of people. Jeff Bezos wrote a letter to 13 lacs Amazon employees announcing his resignation. Jeff Bezos is said to be focusing more on Amazon’s other manufacturers. We all know that the world has become the largest e-commerce company.  Now Bezos wants to focus on different processes. So the Amazon company can still be further developed. Google CEO Sundar Pichai also congratulated Jeff Bezos.


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Andy Jassy will be the new ceo of amazon: Jeff Bezos leaving amazon

It is learned that Jeff Bezos resigned from the CEO and Andy Jesse will be the new CEO of Amazon. Jeff Bezos says Andy has given as much time to developing Amazon as he has. Andy is MBA from Harvard Business School. And Direct merged with Amazon. That’s why Andy has been an important part of Amazon for a long time. Andy is also well paid. As of 2019, Andy’s salary was 2.50 crore. And most of all, Andy has a share of Amazon. Andy owns about 28 crore dollars worth of Amazon shares. That’s why Andy has been made the new CEO of Amazon. 


Amazon Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels said Andy Jesse is the best person to lead an Amazon company.


Andy has all the information about Amazon. And it is also necessary to have enough information to run such a large company. Friends, we all know that Amazon is a world-famous company. All products are available on Amazon. Andy also manages Amazon’s web service (AWS).


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