Latest news today : The transition to Covid-19 cases is seen to be steadily increasing

Latest news today : The transition to Covid-19 cases is seen to be steadily increasing

Friends, latest news today, At present, people traveling from India to the states have been admitted if they have symptoms of diseases like cold, fever, khasi. Currently Corona’s situation is becoming curvy. The corporation is taking important decisions. For some time now, people coming to Surat from India have been showing more symptoms of corona. Which is increasing the transition to take and corona. So the corporation has appealed not to enter Surat if you have cold, fever, cough.

All those entering Surat city will be tested for corona at the entry point. If you see a symptom of corona in those people then make them quarantine. Especially now many people from Saurashtra are traveling and returning to Surat. A special instruction to the people not to enter Surat if even a few symptoms appear. Currently, the situation in all the states is looking bad. The corona virus is having an effect on students’ learning. All the exams have been postponed for a while.

Bharat Biotech’s Covid-19 vaccine :

Bharat Biotech announces price of covacine. India has pushed Bharat Biotech vaccine to double its output by June 2023. Bharat Biotech has reported that interim analysis results from the Phase 3 trial of its Corona vaccine covaine showed a 100% efficacy against severe SARS-CoV-2 infection and has an impact on the drop in hospitalizations. State governments will get Rs.600 per doj and private hospitals will get Rs.1,200.

The second interim analysis is based on accruing over 87 symptomatic Corona cases. However, owing to the current surge in Covid-19 cases, 127 symptomatic cases were reported, providing a point estimate of vaccine efficacy of 78% against mild, moderate and severe disease.

Latest news today about penalty :

In Gujarat, no penalty will be levied except for not wearing a mask. Order of CM Vijay Rupani to relieve the people of Gujarat from various memos. A meeting was held in the cabinet and it was learned that people were having trouble due to the detention of vehicles. Therefore, in Gujarat, no penalty will be levied even without a mask.

Latest news today about Lockdown:

Just a few days ago, the Prime Minister of India said that there was no need for a lockdown. Corona is causing people a lot of trouble. Telling you more that lockdown should be applied only if there is no other option. The decision on whether to install Lockdown was given to the state government. The Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the Union government was seriously fighting the second wave of coronation. Schools and colleges have been opened once and then closed.


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