Lockdown in Gujarat : The High Court directed the government


Lockdown in Gujarat: The High Court directed the government

At present, the atmosphere in Gujarat is similar to Lockdown. Curfew is imposed at 9 pm and opens at 9 am. Even then Corona is not coming under control. At this time, the Gujarat High Court told the Gujarat government that it was necessary to hold a lockdown in Gujarat. Gujarat High Court has observed 3 to 4 days lockdown in Gujarat.

Solid measures are needed to prevent corona eruptions: lockdown in Gujarat

Corona cases are on the rise in Gujarat. Looks like there will be a lockdown again this time. Seeing the current situation, the Gujarat High Court has given some suggestions to the government. Suggested to make strict rules on public applications. Also suggested to strictly follow the rules of Corona. A bench of High Court Chief Justice Vikram Nath and Justice Bhargava Karia directed the gujarat government to take concrete steps to prevent the COVID-19 blast. It has become necessary to break the chain of COVID transition. It is recommended to impose curfew of 3 to 4 days in the state of Gujarat.


The Gujarat High Court has taken Corona’s case seriously. The Gujarat High Court has also talked about increasing the night curfew. It is very important to have restrictions on political gatherings, masks, elections, public events, marriage, etc. People are wandering aimlessly. The High Court said that the government needs to discipline itself before teaching discipline to the people. Avoid doing public events. Take necessary action against the leaders who are gathering. The Gujarat High Court had directed the state government to keep the political leaders under control. Only then will people learn.

The High Court has now simply said that a lockdown is necessary but it will be up to the government to decide whether to hold a lockdown or not. The decision of the Hon’ble Court will be taken at the meeting of the High Power Committee meeting at the Chief Ministers of Gujarat residence. Corona cases have been on the rise for the past several days.

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