Modi government’s new announcement : Health insurance ,free education and Education loan

Modi government’s new announcement : Health insurance ,Free education and Education loan

Friends, The Modi government made an important announcement in this Covid-19 epidemic. This announcement is for Health Insurance, Free Education and Education Loan. we all know that in this terrible epidemic of Corona, business has stopped. So the thing is that no one has a source of income in such a difficult time. At such a time, the Modi government is coming forward to be a support.



Health insurance ,Free education and Education loan announcement :


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Modi Government announcement Free education for children who lost parents to COVID-19:

Many people have lost their lives in the Corona epidemic. Even those who had small children have lost their lives. Their children became orphans. The Modi government announced for these children. It has announced that it will provide assistance to any child who has lost a child in the Cvid-19 Epidemic. 

  • A child who loses a parent due to Covid-19 will be given free health insurance for 18 year
  • Education free for 18 years
  • Monthly stipend after 18 years
  • The government will also help for higher education
  • Interest will be paid from PM Cares
  • A fund of Rs 10 lakh will be provided after 23 years

“Children are the future of the country, we will do our best to protect them,” PM Modi said. The Modi government has come forward to help these children for a brighter future.  According to the Modi government, these children will be given free Education for 18 years. And after 18 years, they will be given a stipend every month. The children will also be given free Health insurance for 18 years.  And the installment of the student who has taken the loan will go from PM Cares.


Fixed Deposit in the name of the children:

Education loan is given by government. So that students do not have to spend extra money. A fund of Rs, 10 lakh will also be given to the student who completes 23 years. So that he can focus more on his own learning. And financial help to him. And other students are also given free education subsidy. The Corona epidemic has also had an impact on the country’s economy. Despite this, the Modi government is helping the country for a bright future. 


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