Mucormycosis : Why only corona patient?

Mucormycosis : Why only corona patient?

People who have recovered from Corona are seeing a new fungus disease. And the name of that disease is Mucormycosis. Many people have lost their sight due to this disease. Patients recovering from Covid-19 were also rushed home but lost their sight due to a complication and some lost their lives.The disease was researched and it was found that black fungus was found in every person.


What is this Mucormycosis 0r Black fungus?

Mucormycosis is a fungus disease. Which is found in very few people but is very deadly. If the disease affects 100 people, 50% of them may lose their lives. This disease is caused by molds. Mold is a type of fungusThis is because of Mucormycosis  Mucormycetes. Which spreads through the air. Its particles are flying in the air.

Does it affect everyone?

The question is, do you need to be afraid of it? No it doesn’t affect all people. But also affects people whose immune systems are weakened. Or any other type of illness that has weakened the immune system. Including cancer, Diabetes, Human Organ Transplant, Stem cell transplant patients, people with too much iron in their body. This Mucormycosis affects the lungs the most. We can be infected from the air. And if our immune system is weak, it can develop by entering the body in small amounts.

This fungus can also enter through any part of our body that is bruised, or injured. The important thing is that this disease cannot be passed from one person to another.


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What are the symptoms of Mucormycosis?

There are many Types of Mucormycosis symptoms. Let me tell you their basic symptoms.

  1. One-sided facial swelling
  2. Nasal or sinus congestion
  3. headache
  4. Black lesions on nasal Bride or Upper inside of mouth
  5. Fever
  6. Cough
  7. Chest pain
  8. Shortness of Breath
  9. Blisters or Ulcers
  10. Infection area may turn black
  11. Abdominal pain
  12. Nausea and Vomiting

These symptoms appear in our body according to where the fungus has occurred.

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How is Mucormycosis related to Covid-19?

We all know that only those who have low immunity get Mucormycosis. And the biggest shock when we have corona is felt by our immune system. Drugs that are given to a person with coronary heart disease can weaken the immune system. And that is why people are more likely to get the disease when they become infected.

What should we do?

For this we get a lot of information even from CDC( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). After all, we have nothing to fear. The basic thing is to take care. To keep clean, Don’t wear a N95 mask until it is 100% good Feel,  Avoid dirt or debris, Wearing shoes, Long pants So that it cannot get anywhere on the skin, If you feel anywhere, clean the wound with soapy water, Regular checkups after Covid-19 if older.

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