Mumbai Traffic Police received WhatsApp messages threatening 26/11-type attacks

The Mumbai Traffic Police’s control room has received several WhatsApp text messages on its helpline number, threatening a 26/11-type repeat attack, a Mumbai Police official said last Saturday.

After checking the message, it was found that the number from which the message was sent is from outside the country.

“These text threatening messages were received on the WhatsApp number of the Mumbai Police traffic helpline operated from the control room in Worli in central Mumbai around 11 pm on Friday,” a Mumbai Police official said. “In which the sender has threatened a repeat of a 26/11-type attack,” and the city crime branch has launched an investigation into the threat.

26/11 is considered one of the worst terrorist attacks in the country’s history, killing 166 people and injuring over 300 as 10 heavily armed Pakistani terrorists clashed at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai on November 26, 2008. was

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Mumbai Traffic Police received WhatsApp messages threatening

These threats have warned of a terrorist attack on Mumbai again, Due to this, the system has been alerted by the Mumbai Police on this threatening message and has started a search about it. So the crime branch of the city has started investigating this serious issue immediately.

The traffic control cell has told that the threat he received on the WhatsApp number was from a Pakistani number, it has been told in the threat that the same attack will happen again in Mumbai. And he also told the Mumbai Traffic Control Cell that ‘6 people in India will carry out this attack’. Currently, the Mumbai Police security forces are investigating the threat. Police have also informed other agencies about this threat.

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