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National Bamboo Mission Subsidy : Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bamboo Yojana has been started by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, as you know that plastic has increased a lot in India, to stop this, the government has also banned plastic, but people need it. The National Bamboo Scheme was started by the government to solve the issue of plastic’s continued usage.

And as we all know as the Alternative use, Bamboo is a very good way to reduce the use of plastic or completely eliminate the use of plastic. Many substances can be made from bamboo, which can be used in place of substances made of plastic.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bans Yojana(National Bamboo Mission subsidy), the government will encourage the planting of bamboo and the farmers cultivating bamboo will be given financial assistance of ₹ 120 per plant. The scheme has been named as National Bamboo Mission subsidy(Pm National Baboo Mission).

Under this scheme, the government will provide a grant of ₹ 120 to the farmers for planting a bamboo plant, if a person wants to do its business, then the government has also arranged to give a grant in the form of subsidy. The main objective of this scheme is to reduce the use of plastic or completely stop single use plastic.

Scheme Name National Bamboo Mission
Launched by the central government
BeneficiariesEvery farmer of the India
Department Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India
Purpose of the SchemeTo reduce the consumption of plastic growing in the world and replace it with bamboo
Benefit of Mission Motivating farmers to cultivate bamboo and providing them with financial help for this
State applicable to Whole of India
Application process through online
Official Website Click Here

Let us know you that If you are willing to join forces with National Bamboo Mission or to take a benefit from the National Bamboo Mission then this information too we are providing here in this article. Well you can Start your business or Start up under this Mission, because This National Bamboo Mission is the only potential way today by which the Use of plastic could be reduced or to completely eliminated the use of plastic!!

The Use of plastic is so dangerous to our Environment we all know, And Government pushes The Business of Bamboo and its Farming so speedily under the National Bamboo Mission!

Things Can be Made from bamboo:

Yes it is too important for us to know that How bamboo can help us or nature in routine life because the subject of the article.

You people know very well that how much bamboo is used in our daily life, if you belong to a rural area, then you will know it very well.

Nowadays, water bottles are also being made by bamboo, very good furniture is also being made by bamboo, handicraft things are also being made using bamboo and items like jewelry etc. are also being made using it. And to reduce the use of plastic or to eliminate the use of plastic, the use of these things made by bamboo is also increasing, people have started liking it, in such a situation, joining the National Bamboo Mission is a great opportunity for you.

There can be a profitable deal. At present, bamboo cultivation is being done mostly in China and Vietnam, but due to the arrival of the National Bamboo Mission of the Government of India, the cultivation of bamboo in India will also increase a lot in the coming time, a lot of bamboo is imported by China and Vietnam. All such products are made and sold in many countries.

Eligibility for National Bamboo Mission Scheme:

  • Permanent residents of the country
  • Farmer / Unemployed
  • Applicants looking for jobs

What are the Benefits of National Bamboo Mission Subsidy Scheme:

  • Bamboo cultivation will provide large scale employment to the people.
  • People will be encouraged to do bamboo cultivation.
  • The use of plastic will be reduced.
  • This scheme will also stop migration from villages to cities.
  • Farmers will cultivate the barren land in the village and make it fertile.
  • Loan will be given from the bank for other related materials, on which farmers will get 50 percent subsidy.
  • According to the National Bamboo Mission scheme, the subsidy will be given to the farmers in three installments in three years. 60% subsidy will be given in the first year, 30% in the second year and 20% in the third year.
  • Farmers get a subsidy of Rs 50,000 for cultivating bamboo and there is a provision to give subsidy of Rs 120 on a plant to small farmers.
  • Presently 136 bamboo species are being cultivated in the country, out of which 125 are indigenous and 11 are foreign species.
  • According to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, India also produces 13.96 million tonnes of bamboo every year.
  • Bamboo cultivation is ready in 03 to 04 years and farmers can start harvesting it in the fourth year.
  • Bamboo plants do not require any special kind of fertile land. It can be cultivated anywhere.
  • By planting bamboo, trees will not be cut for furniture, which will protect the environment.
  • Products made by bamboo in India will be sold to other countries.

National Bamboo Mission Subsidy/Subsidy under National Bamboo Mission:

Under the National Bamboo Mission, a provision has been made by the government to give subsidy to the farmers in different ways.

  1. According to a figure under the National Bamboo Mission, an average of ₹ 240 per plant will cost in 3 years, under which the government will give ₹ 120 per plant as subsidy to the farmers.
  2. Government will pay 50% amount for bamboo cultivation in areas other than North East and 50% amount will have to be paid by the farmer on his own behalf.
  3. Under the Prime Minister’s National Bamboo Scheme (Pm National Bamboo Mission), a nodal officer has been made in every district, you can also get more information related to the scheme from your nodal officer.
  4. Out of the 50% subsidy that will be given to the farmers, 60% subsidy will be from the Central Government and 40% will be from the State Government. Whereas for the areas of North East, this amount will be 60% of the government and 40% of the farmer.
  5. Out of the 60% subsidy that will be given to the farmers of North East, 90% will be paid by the Central Government and 10% by the State Government.

How to apply online for Prime Minister National Bamboo Mission?

Well If you want to Get Registered under the National Bamboo Mission then Kindly follow the Below steps:

1. Firs of all you have to Go to the Browser, type the National Bamboo Mission website name and Go to the Site.
2. As you go to the Website’s Homepage, you will be find “Farmer’s Registration” button, Click on it.

National Bamboo Mission Registration
National Bamboo Mission Subsidy

3. Then a New Registration Form page will be open in your screen, Where you have to fill up some of the details like Taluka name, District name, State name etc.
4. Then Enter the details like Email id, Phone number and Farmer’s Category.
5. Then you will be showed an Aadhar card and Bank accound option. If your Aadhar card and Bank account is linked then click on this option.
6. When finally you click on the Submit then you will be Sucessfully registered on the National Bamboo Mission(National Bamboo Mission Subsidy).

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The Key Features of National Bamboo Mission Subsidy you need to Know:

Here are the Key features of National Bamboo Mission Subsidy you need to know, so let’s learn one by one below:

  1. Promotion of high yielding bamboo plantation on commercial basis in forest and non-forest areas.
  2. To increase the area of bamboo plantation in non-forest government and private sector.
  3. To contribute to the resilience of land and climate change to supplement farm income.
  4. Promotion of bamboo cultivation for availability of quality raw material requirement for industries.
  5. Making efforts to promote tree plantation.
  6. Promotion of bamboo cultivation on community land, cultivable wasteland, and near irrigation canals, water bodies.
  7. Improvement of aging bamboo planting, insecticides and disease management of bamboo
  8. Handicrafts, Bamboo Marketing and Export
  9. Ban on things made of plastic
  10. Livelihood and employment will get a boost.
  11. There will be improvement in the income of farmers.

Earning Potential from the National Bamboo Scheme | Prime Minister National Bamboo Mission:

As you must have come to know by now, how much demand for bamboo is going to be high in the coming times, so there is a good chance of earning in front of you. If we talk, about 15 to 2500 bamboo plants can be planted in one hectare, the distance between one plant to another has to be kept about 2.5 meters, according to this, about 1500 plants can be planted in one hectare. (This number can also be increased if the distance between the plants is reduced).

The distance between one plant to another, which is 2.5 meters, in this distance, you can grow other crops and earn from it. According to this, if we talk about profit, then after 4 years, you can earn 3 to 3.5 lakh rupees very easily and you can also earn from the extra plants you have planted. The biggest thing in bamboo cultivation is that plantation is not done every year under it because bamboo cultivation lasts for about 40 years.

Hope you liked the Info of National Bamboo Mission Subsidy, then Kindly share this important info to all your friends.

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