New Mobile Media App Download, Login, Fake or Real?

See, ever since the first lockdown was imposed, the pace of people searching for new opportunities for Work From Home and Online Earning has also increased a lot.

Today through this post we will talk about New Mobile Media (NMM) about New Mobile Media an online earning app and website, today we will provide you review and find out whether N Mobile is real or fake.

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Whatever question you have about New Mobile Media and you want to know the answer, like what is New Mobile Media?, New Mobile Media Website Real or Fake, New Mobile Media App is safe or not? (n Mobile App Secure or Not?), How does the new Mobile Media Site work? And will answer many more questions related to it.

New Mobile Media App Details Table:

App Name New Mobile Media App
Name of the article NMM New Mobile Media App
ProfitOnline Earning App

What is New Mobile Media app?

If it is understood in easy language about New Mobile Media, then it is a type of earning site called New Mobile Media. Which claims that you can earn a lot of money online sitting at home through NMM Company’s website and their mobile application. In New Mobile Media you have to invest some amount and in return you get commission from the website, or say that on one hand you get interest or extra money on top of your money.

How does it work?

How you can finally make money in N Mobile Company which is also known as NMM. Let us tell you that in this application first you have to buy a virtual machine. It is also known as Rentable Server Machine. It is a virtual machine of sorts that exists only in the N Mobile app.

Let us tell you that you can buy this machine only when you invest some amount in this app. The minimum amount for recharge in n mobile media app is ₹260. That means you can recharge it by depositing ₹ 260. Once you recharge the application, you can take advantage of various schemes associated with it. Along with this, you can also do a lot of online earning. But the more and more people you add to it, the more you benefit.

After downloading the nmobile app, it first provides attractive schemes to attract all its users and draw their attention upwards, seeing such attractive schemes of nmobile application, the users invest in them. After that NMM App provide various plans and schemes to its users, and when users trust them and start adding and adding huge amount of money.

How to download NMM New Mobile Media App?

If you also want to earn money online and want to do it through NMM, then you have to download its mobile application and after registering and completing the task, you can start earning money. Below are the steps to download its app:-

1. Due to many reasons new mobile media is not available on google play store, to download it from other source you have to go to google from chrome browser of your mobile.

2. Where you have to search by typing New Mobile Media APK Download.

3. After which many types of site links will open in front of you, you will have to open the first link.

4. Then after clicking on the NMM APK Download button from there, install it in your mobile.

5. Remember this App’s Logo is Red+Blue mix color on which M is written, download only that.

How to register New Mobile Media App?

After you have downloaded and installed its app in your mobile and you have to register to start earning money with it, so kindly follow these simple steps as given below:

1. To register in the NMM App, you must first open it and click on the given Registration button.

2. After that the form will open in front of you, in which enter your Mobile Number, Verification Code, OTP, Login Password and if there is Invitation Code then enter it and click on Register Now.

New Mobile Media

3. After doing this, your account is created, in the next step, click on the Sign in Now button through your mobile number and login password, so that you login to your New Mobile media account.

New Mobile Media

4. Now you have to buy Rentable Server machine by paying Rs 260. If you want, you can buy expensive digital server to earn more money.

5. Now you have to complete the task you got like app share, promotion, watching advertisement for which money is given.

6. When you earn some money and want to send it to your bank account, then for this you have to click on Withdrawal button appearing in Login Account and enter your account information and click on Submit button.

7. After this the amount is transferred to your bank in no time.

How to earn money from NMM App?

  • When you register yourself in this then you can know more about their smart device.
  • The new agent will be given this PD No. for three days. 2 (digital device worth Rs. 260) for free, so that you can understand how to earn money in it.
  • Each forwarded advertisement earns a profit of Re.1 and PD No. 2 Device forwards 110 ads every day so you can earn Rs 110 every day.
  • On adding a new agent, you will get a bonus of Rs.40, that is, you will get Rs.120 for the day and Rs.330 (Rs.110/- per day) commission for three days. In this way, 710 rupees (260+120+330=710) rupees are added to your account.
  • In NMM’s app, you get to see 6 types of digital devices, which you can choose according to yourself, but to get experience PD No. 2 device is recommended.

But Wait, Is New Mobile Media App Real or Fake?

When we learned about that website, we checked it out and discovered it to be a whole fake. There are many reasons for it being unsafe, such as the site is not properly built. Whatever work is being done in that site, its complete information is not available there, complete information about its owner is not given and there are many reasons due to which that site is not safe. Friends, we will not recommend that site to you at all because there is every possibility of cheating with you.

We gonna tell you the main downsides that we have found in that site,

  1. The complete details of the work being done in New Mobile Media have not been mentioned in that App.
  2. Friends, that site is a few months old. That’s why there is a possibility of cheating.
  3. New Mobile Media offers very attractive plans, which is not good at all. Because no website can just give you thousands of rupees for clicking.
  4. If you want to contact the developer of New Mobile Media, then it is not possible to do so, because New Mobile Media has not given the information of its developer or owner.
  5. When we reviewed New Mobile Media, we did not find any registration details in it. So it raises questions about its existence.
  6. If any fraud happens to you in New Mobile Media then who will take the responsibility for it. since there are no genuine contact details provided on that website.


So, Here you have been told about New Mobile Media app, New Mobile Media login process and online registration on New Mobile Media app, But as we told you in the above section it is now completely upon you to be aware about these type of apps because as the investigation process from our side this app is not so much worth to believable! So take the risk fully on your shoulders, We never encourage these type of apps. Thank you!

Important FAQs About New Mobile Media App

1. Who is New Mobile Media Owner?
Pinakin Thakkar is the owner. It is a subsidiary of AT&T Group, an American global internet advertising company, which promotes thousands of brands, in this it takes the help of people and shares 50% of the commission with them.

2. How to earn money online from New Mobile Media App?
Through this you can no longer earn money because its app and website have been completely closed. It was earning money by scamming people, about which everyone has come to know. You should also avoid investing on its platform.

3. How to login New Mobile Media Company?
For this, you have to login through your registered mobile number and password by visiting NMM app or website, if you do not remember the password then you can login to your NMM Account by creating a new password by creating a new password.

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