Notice Writing Format + Best 4 Examples & Topics 2022

Notice Writing Format + Best 4 Examples & Topics 2022

Proper Notice Writing Format skill is the best skills and an art. This defect can sometimes be a problem for you if you do not know how to write a Notice Writing Format. 

Write a note in very good letters. And for that you must first know that what is notice? How to write a notice? what is the best examples and topics of writing a notice? How to get full marks in the exam by repeating frequently?

What is The Notice Writing Format?

Notices are written to me by individuals or organizations to report any problems or pass any type of information. Such as inviting someone to a meeting, instructing competitions, or inviting someone to an event, Or if any kind of advertisement is to be sent by notice.

Notices are usually flashed in plain language so that people can easily understand. After writing the notice, it is placed in a public place. So that people can easily come to mind and read.

How to Write a Notice?

To write a notice it is necessary to follow these 6 points.

  1. Name of organization/institute or office
  3. Date
  4. Topics/ Heading/ Titles / Subject
  5. Write the body contents
  6. Signature, Designation and name

Notice Writing Format

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1. Name of organization/institute or office

It is necessary to write the name of the issuer of the notice at the beginning of the notice so that the reader of the notice can know the name of the issuer of the notice. So that the person for whom the notice has been sent can also be informed.

2. Notice

He tells readers that this is a notice containing important information. And the important information that is there is written in bold letters through the notice.

3. Date

Write the date on the left side of the page in the correct format for the page across the notice you write.

4. Topics/ Heading/ Titles / Subject

Write the title/heading/subject/topics so that the reader can easily understand the purpose for which this notice has been issued.

List of 9 Topics for Notice Writing Format

5. Write the body contents

In the middle of the notice it is necessary to mention some essential instructions. Such as for whom this notice is written? For what reason the notice was issued? Where and when to go if notice is for an invitation? Getting the reader information accurately.

6. Signature, Designation and name

The name of the person issuing the notice and his signature and Stamp are also required at the end of the notice after completion of the middle information. So that the reader can be sure that the information given in the notice is correct.

Important Points of Notice Writing Format

  • Try to keep the notice as short as possible to reach 50 words
  • Write the name of the person issuing the notice at the top
  • Give the notice a short and simple headline
  • Do not repeat a sentence over and over again
  • Use present tense and future tense when writing a notice
  • Do not write your personal details
  • Put the main points first to make the notice easier

Notice Writing Topics 2022

Holiday Announcement of Notice Writing Format Class 12

Students of class 11 will get 8 marks on the notice writing format in the examination. The rest of the marking scheme will be as follows.

Total: 8 Marks

  • Format: 2 Mark (Include: Name of organizations, word ‘Notice‘, date, title, writer’s name, Designation)
  • Content: 4 Marks (answer the questions: What? Who? Whom? When? Where? How? etc.)
  • Expression: 2 Mark (spellings accuracy, grammatical accuracy)

Some Examples of Notice Writing Format

Example 1. As a library of Sun Peterson Secondary School Ahmedabad, draft notice in not more than 50 words asking all students and teachers to return library books three days before the responsibility for the exam.

Sun Peterson Secondary School, Ahmedabad


15th Aug, 20XX

 Last date for return of library books

Students are remained to keep library books in the library until 20 Aug,20XX, to avoid the situation of being deprived of sitting for the board exam. All teacher are also requested to return the books in good time to help whole the library books.

Ajay Sharma

(Head of Library)

Example 2. You are Mohit / Purvi, Secretary Bhakti Dham Society. You are going to organize a Ganpati festival in Society. Try to get members of your society to come in large numbers for this celebrate this festival. Invent all the necessary details. Write notices in more than 50 words.

Bhakti Dham Society


20 Aug, 20XX

Celebrate Ganpati festival

Ours society is organizing a Celebrate Ganpati festival on 31st Aug, 20XX, in the society ground. The decoration required to celebrate this festival will be done by the members of the society so A humble appeal to all members of the Society to attend.
(Secretary, BDS)

Example 3. As Principal of Samarpan Public School, UP, draft the notice in no more than 50 words to notify the students about the change in school timings with effect from 22nd April.

Samarpan Public School, UP


23rd March, 20XX

Change School Timing

Notice is hereby given that Due to the scorching heat of summer, the school time will be from 7.00 am to 12.00 pm and 5 pm to 7.00 pm, the students should be present on time from 22 April, and Students coming from far away come on time.

(School Head)

Example 4. draft the notice in no more than 50 words to notify the students about the historical tour to Delhi during summer vacation.

Notice Writing Questions for your Practice

Question 1. You lost your wallet in your class. Draft a notice to be placed in your school notice board not more than 50 words. You are a student of class 11th of J.D.B Gabani High School, Mastanpur. You are Askash / Supriya.

Question 2. Draft a notice not more than 50 words. You are Ankita / Sejal as musical teacher of Nehru Public School, Pune, for your school notice board informing students about the sale of old musical goods of your school.

Question 3. You are Jayesh of Baby Kids Campus School. Write a notice for your school notice board as you have lost your bag.

Question 4. You are Sunidhi / Prashant, cultural secretary of Bionic Public school. Your school is going to organize painting and craft exhibition. Draft a notice not less than 50 words informing the students about the program.

Conclusion: Notice Writing Format Class 10, Class 11, Class 12,

Notice Writing Format for all class: Writing a notice often appears in higher secondary school exams. That’s why you need to keep in mind the main points for writing a notice. If you write a notice following these main points, you will get 100% marks in the exam. And you can easily write notice anywhere.

Let us know in the comments if you have any doubts about the Notice Writing Format class 11, class 12, etc.

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