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Have you heard about some celebrity gossip? Have you heard about ONTD? With over 100,000 members, Oh No They Didn’t, also known as ONTD, is LiveJournal’s most significant community. The majority of the entries in this community are gathered from other celebrity gossip websites and center on pop culture and celebrity rumours. In July 2010, the website established a collaboration with the network of pop culture blogs Buzz Media; however, it was not extended a year later. 

According to a 2008 Pop matters article, the blog received over 300,000-page visits daily, though this number has significantly dropped in recent years. ONTD enclosed the first post to attain the new LiveJournal comment limit of 10,000 when it was raised from 5000 to 5000. 

From where did the Oh No They Didn’t originate? 

Erin Lang, Bri Draffen, and Breniecia Reuben, three teens, founded the community at the beginning of 2004. Ownership of the website was transferred to Elizabeth Carter and Brenden Delzer, the moderators currently overseeing it, in 2009. The founders of one, two black adolescents have won numerous accolades for their site. It began in 2004. But occasionally, the amount of traffic decreased. 

What is the status of ONTD’s editorial style?

Every day, on average, 100 member posts are published by the community, and most postings receive an average of between 100 and 500 comments. Weekly posts by the community moderators titled “Free for All Friday” (abbreviated “FFAF”) let users leave off-topic remarks. These “free for all” articles—also known as “FFAO posts”—have frequently been extended to include discussion posts for significant pop culture occasions like the Oscars, the Olympics, and Saturday Night Live viewings.

ONTD largely relies on user interaction in the comment page, where people can share their thoughts on postings, in addition to users posting the posts themselves. Members frequently share an animated GIF graphic that captures their sentiments in response to a specific news article. Users expressed fears over the continued use of a well-known GIF from the music video “Thriller” showcasing a scene of Jackson munching popcorn. This picture is commonly posted on society in anticipation of a contentious or “flame-wreathing” topic after the passing of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, according to MSNBC. 

Which awards are received by ONTD? 

With a staggering 44% of the voting, ONTD defeated other well-known celebrity blogs, including D-Listed, Perez Hilton, and TMZ, to win the Best Gossip Blog prize at the 2008 Weblog Awards. Aside from being mentioned in O, the Oprah Magazine acknowledged in Life & Style, and cited by the artist Lily Allen in the March 2009 edition of Playboy Magazine, ONTD has also received media attention.

The neighbourhood has been referred to as “gossip on steroids” by the Swedish tabloid Metro. The article also mentioned that readers would “discover a lot of highlights, and frequently before newspapers got their hands on it” if there were a lot of entries. The San Francisco Chronicle advised readers to “picture a gossip clearinghouse controlled by teens with nasty attitudes and sharp tongues” and said that the “scandal-mongering society bubbles with participatory snark.” 

The A.V. Club listed ONTD as a “great website for killing time,” noting that “the comments section can occasionally be more entertaining than the posts themselves.” Because the stories uploaded on the blog are copied from other sources, ONTD users were mockingly referred to as “jackals” in December 2009. In reaction, the users adopted the term, often used it in subsequent postings, and altered their icons to include images of the creatures. 

The users were referred to as “a society of pathologically compulsive celebrity gossip sadomasochists” by The Village Voice, which called the site a “psychopathology celebrity news/gossip wire-of-sorts.” 

What are the trending blogs on ONTD? 

Following the leak of OK! Magazine’s unpublished front page cover, ONTD was the first news outlet to report Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy. They were also the first to write Kirk Acevedo’s Facebook status update announcing his termination from the Fox drama Fringe. 

A picture of Jon out and about that showed him standing with two young women in a nearby pub was uploaded on ONTD when the rumours of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s adultery first surfaced in February 2009. National gossip publications covered the story, and Star and The United States Weekly also published screen grabs of ONTD. 

The most sensational and well-known incidents are frequently given nicknames to identify them in subsequent posts, such as Britney Spears’ hospitalisation in January 2008, which the community members called Hostage Brituation ’08. Rolling Stone later adopted and employed this moniker. Community members are credited with creating the meme “Gokey is a douche” in response to a few of Danny Gokey’s friends making disparaging remarks and posting images about fellow contestant Adam Lambert. A debate about Twitter’s censorship was sparked by the systematic extermination of “#gokey is a douche” from the trending topics list on Twitter. 

Another hoax perpetrated by the neighborhood stated that actress Betty White had passed away. After the community approved an article saying “Renner, Just Happy to Be Here,” the post’s author updated it to include a screenshot of a TMZ report claiming White had passed away. Users quickly realized that the item was a scam when they observed that the source link took them to TMZ’s main website and that the post discussed “possibilities of wrongdoing and drug consumption and grandchildren that Betty White has not.”. Within 40 minutes, community moderators removed the message, not before “Betty White” shot to the top of Twitter’s trending topics. 

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Wrapping up

Actors, Television programs, films, computer games, music, and other types of entertainment are emphasised by the ONTD community. They didn’t hold any form of discrimination when inviting everyone to the community. However, it limits people who are the victims of ableism, sexism, transphobia, racism, or mental health issues. Members must refrain from insulting one another or using offensive language. Enjoy the entertainment news and be social via ONTD!! 

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