RBL Bank share price : A big drop in the stock market

RBL Bank share price : fluctuates daily in the stock market but the recent tsunami in the stock market caused many mid-cap and large-cap stocks to fall sharply. Shares of RBL Bank are trading below 18%. RBL Bank has just 2 days ago appointed a new CEO of the bank. Since then, RBL Bank’s share price has plummeted, leading to speculation that the market may not like the new CEO.

For RBL Bank, Monday was a difficult day for trading. The stock market has been unhappy with the recent appointment of a new CEO of RBL Bank. Shares of RBL Bank fell more than 17 per cent on the BSE as the stock market opened. Shares of RBL Bank have fallen more than 18% to Is trading below Rs.88.

Shares of these 5 companies were further down : RBL Bank share price

  • Nandani Creation Ltd.
  • RBL Bank
  • V2Retail
  • Poddar Housing
  • Pearl Polymers Ltd.

RBL Bank MD Vishwavir Ahuja announces his resignation

Shares of RBL Bank were down sharply in 52 weeks. And last Monday there was a big bang in RBL Bank shares. Shares of RBL Bank fell 18 per cent to Rs.88 reached a low. RBL Bank investors suffered huge losses. In a single moment, More than Rs.2100 crore was lost. It was recently reported that RBL Bank MD Vishwavir Ahuja had announced his resignation six months ago. And the Reserve Bank has appointed Yogesh K Dayal as an additional director on the board of RBL Bank. Shares of RBL Bank plunged sharply on Monday as a result of the new appointment.

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Investors sank Rs 2,100 crore as RBL Bank share price plummeted

Shares of RBI Bank plunged on Monday after news of the CEO’s resignation. Investors lost Rs. More than Rs 2,100 crore was lost. The stock fell 18% to Rs 88 on the BSE (formerly Bombay Stock Exchange). Shares of RBL Bank closed at Rs.172 when the stock market closed on Friday. And today it fell to Rs 88. On Friday evening, RBL Bank’s market cap reached Rs. 10,340.23 crore, and it fell to Rs. 8,173.29 crore.

Investors’ fears have been heightened by the sharp fall in Shena prices. RBI Bank has appointed Yogesh K Dayal as its Additional Director. Six months ago, RBI Managing Director and CEO Vishwaveer Ahuja resigned from his post. Therefore, the bank has appointed Yogesh K Dayal as its executive director. The staff of RBL Bank was also seen to be declining, so it is necessary to pay attention to stopping its staff.

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