Russia Ukraine Latest Update – Russia Ukraine war Russian

Russia Ukraine Latest Update –  Russia Ukraine war Russian

Friends, we all know that there is a terrible war going on between Russia and Ukraine right now. Today we will talk about Russia Ukraine latest update. At present the war is still going on. This is a very difficult time for Ukraine. You may be listening to all the news. A lot of people have died in this war. It is learned that civilians have also been attacked.

Russia has laid siege to Ukraine on all sides. And it is targeting the major cities of Ukraine. It’s been more than a week since this invasion started. Day by day Ukraine is losing its territory. Ukraine’s army is also bravely facing Russian forces. According to Russia, the city of Kherson in Ukraine is under full Russian occupation. Kyiv and Kharkiv, the most important cities in Ukraine, are working hard to save these cities.

Russia has sent a convoy of 40 miles to the north side of Kyiv. This means that the whole road has been occupied. Russia, on the other hand, has started landing paratroopers in Kharkiv. The Indian embassy has issued a letter stating that the Indian student in Kharkiv should leave the city immediately. And asked to relocate to a safer area.


Russia Ukraine war Russian – Russia Ukraine Latest Update

French President Macron says Russia should not attack civilians. Putin then said he had no interest in civilians. They are just attacking the location of Military. He has no enmity with the people of Ukraine. But Putin’s statement turned out to be wrong. Russia says it is only using weapons to attack targets. This was later researched by Amnesty International and found to be false. they said Russia was using “9M79 Tochka ballistic missile” missiles. This missile misses its target by half a km.

Missile targets can strike anywhere. And it is likely to kill innocent people. Eight civilians have been killed in an attack on a residential area in Kharkiv. In addition, a number of Russian missiles and rockets have been fired at Kharkiv’s Freedom Square, the Opera House, the concert hall and the government office. Two missiles were also fired at the TV Tower in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It was also the tallest building in the city, killing five people.

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More than 350 civilians have died Including 13 children in Ukraine, according to Ukraine’s health ministry. One of them was a student from India named Naveen. Who went to Ukraine from abroad to complete his study of medicine. Apart from this many other students are also trapped who are still seeking help.

Funny messages are circulating on Twitter about a student trapped in Ukraine. Which is very embarrassing. On February 15, the Indian government said that Indian students living in Ukraine should leave Ukraine as soon as possible. But then there was only one flight from Ukraine to India. After that India said that 3 more flights will be released. But after this announcement, Direct all flight was sold out.

Russia Ukraine war Russian

Lots of tweets did the trapped student have there and for the request of more flights. But by then it was too late. Because Ukraine had closed its airspace. At present, the Indian government is working hard to bring back students from Ukraine. About 60% of Indian students have returned so far and about 40% are still trapped. Whose total number is 8000.

People trapped in Ukraine have to come to the border first. Which they have to manage in their own way. And this part is a very difficult task. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy is at the forefront of this war. Many say Putin does not want Ukraine to be part of NATO in any way.

Since the war began, many Ukrainians have begun to support NATO. Everyone knows that Russia wants to make Ukraine its part. But war does not prevent this. Russia’s army has arrested the mayor of Ukraine, Foreign countries have advised Russia to end its war against Ukraine.

War is raging in eastern Ukraine, Excessive schooling is being targeted. The war started two months ago. Ordinary people are getting injured due to this war. A 14-year-old boy died last Monday. Conditions in the city of Kharkiv continue to deteriorate.


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