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Screen Lock App

Hello, friends welcome to tech2tip. Today we will talk about an application. An application that allows you to increase the security of your mobile. This application will help increase the security of your phone. And this application name is screen lock app – multiple security locks. my friend I personally suggest to you this application used to secure your mobile phone.

Many Functionality Available in this application. one or more types of security locks available in this app. like Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Voice Lock, Figure Lock, etc., and many wallpapers are also available in this app. This app is very useful to secure your app to unlock with multiple security Locks. It is used to prevent unwanted people from gathering your personal information with the help of a screen lock.

Screen Lock app provides Multiple security Locks,

  •  Pattern Lock Security
  •  Pincode Lock Security
  •  Slide Lock Security
  •  Fingerprint Lock Security
  •  Voice to unlock Security

screen lock is providing much functionality to download wallpaper from the app. Users can download new wallpapers from this app. And wallpaper will change periodically to give new wallpapers to the screen lock app user.

this app is the providing pin lock functionality which is the unlock your mobile device with your private pin code. if a user forgets his pin code so the app is provided a recovery password option. Users can also set multiple recovery locks as per their requirements.

Voice lock Functionality.

  •  you have to set a new pin or pattern lock or voice lock for the backup password in this app. Which will help you to unlock your mobile if you forget your voice password.
  •  Just one tap on the microphone and the screen lock app will record your voice.
  • You have to set a voice and again confirm that voice lock by speaking a voice password again.
  •  Once you set this voice lock you can use this password on the lock screen.
  •  When the lock screen appears, you just tap on the microphone which is shown on the lock screen and speaking your voice which you have set, and unlock your mobile phone.

this app provides more type of unique wallpapers. there you can also download the wallpaper and also set it on the home screen on your mobile. you can use multiple facilities locks in one app, no need to install the different applications for different locks for security.

My friend So who are you waiting for, click here and search the name of this app (screen lock app – multiple security locks) download the Screen lock app. and secure your personal data. and also suggest it to your friend.

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