Signal App : Private Messenger app is gaining popularity in India

Signal application is gaining popularity in India: textsecure private messenger

Friends, you know that right now the signal app seems to be taking the place of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become a topic of discussion right now. Has WhatsApp message leaked to Google? People are starting to worry about the rhythm of their privacy. No one is afraid to read his private messaging.

Stop using WhatsApp if you are all concerned about privacy: Delhi High Court

Friends recently filed a complaint in the Delhi High Court against WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy. But that complaint should be dismissed. And stated that using WhatsApp is not mandatory. Everyone is using WhatsApp voluntarily. They are not coerced. Anyone who has any objections to WhatsApp’s policy should stop using WhatsApp. Delhi Hing: The court further said that many other online services only collect data. So who is going to ban whom?

Now all the users have become alert. WhatsApp is tired of this new policy. That is why people have chosen another path. So people are now turning to apps like messaging like signal private message app and Telegram app. The founder of Signal App once tweeted that the controversy of WhatsApp app then Signal app is becoming more popular in India. He said the Signal private messenger download is on the rise. #Privacy #infosecurity #GDPR #Whatsapp #Privacy #Policy #Google 

No one can read the message sent in WhatsApp except the sender and the recipient. That’s what Facebook says. But cyber experts do not accept this.

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Big companies are worried about all this message of WhatsApp: textsecure private messenger

Various companies are providing service to customers using WhatsApp.All these companies are delivering Calic essential information through WhatsApp. But the new policy has caused concern among companies. All these companies are trying to decide which app to use instead of WhatsApp. And some companies have even started using the Signal app.

Brian said the Signal private messenger app does not ask for anything other than the user’s mobile number. No spying of any kind is done in the signal app. He further said that the company is running on donations. We don’t need to monetize users’ data. Signal private messenger app are now available in 10 languages. The Gujarati language has also been included in it. He further said that they have had to develop wallpapers and stickers for Special India due to their demand. Still working on it. Apart from this additional features will also be added if required.


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