The intranasal corona vaccine will come soon, how much work has arrived and its benefits

The intranasal corona vaccine will come soon, how much work has arrived and its benefits

The vaccine you are currently receiving is called the intra muscular intranasal corona vaccine.  And another vaccine has been discovered called the intranasal vaccine. Which is given through the nose. In our country of India, two vaccines have been given for emergency vaccine. One is Bharat Biotech and the other is Covishield. The vaccine counterfeit company is now in the process of finding a new technology vaccine.

Bharat biotech company passes trial of phase vaccine for intranasal corona vaccine. And this vaccine can be a single dose. And a vaccine called Covi Vac can be two doses.

How Does Work intranasal corona vaccine?

Normally the second vaccine is given on your hands. And the internasal vaccine is given through our nose. Two drops are given on the right side and two drops on the left side. The vaccine continues to infect our nose. The vaccine given on hand does not reach the lungs but stays in the middle. And the internal vaccine will be given through the nose so it can reach directly to the lungs.

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Why is the intranasal corona vaccine more beneficial?

Covid virus directly affects the lungs. And it lowers our immune system. It also comes with a few symptoms to get the app vaccinated. Many people are getting sick. If this internal vaccine is given through the nose then the chances of getting sick will also decrease.

Benefit of intranasal corona vaccine

  1. Health workers need less tanning to be vaccinated
  2. No injection is required
  3. The infection of the Covid will stop
  4. There is no need to keep cold in the internal vaccine so wasted is also fine

When will the intranasal corona vaccine come?

It is learned that this intransal vaccine will arrive by November month. But if this process is done a little too soon, even those can come. Still phase three trial after phase two trial after phase thee. Then the vaccine will come to us.

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