The nephew fled with his aunt

The nephew fled with his aunt

Friends come across new cases in our daily lives. Not long ago, the case of Vevai-Vevan came up. And now the case of nephew and aunt has come up. It is learned that the nephew has absconded with his aunt.

A woman living in Naroda area in Ahemdabad ran away with her nephew, causing problems in both the families. Both have been traced by mobile tracing. Mobile tracing found his location in Mumbai. But when the family reached there, they fled. The 19-year-old nephew deleted all his data from Online So that no one can find them.

Nephew was talking to his 32 year old aunt on Instagram

The two had fled on November 10 at 4 am. The word then spread throughout Bapunagar. The topic family of the two was informed only a short time ago but then they were reprimanded and topic calmed down. Aunts and nephews were talking on Instagram instead of talking on WhatsApp so as not to get caught.

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They also created a fake account of the two on Instagram. And were talking through it. Surprisingly, the nephew had already made all the preparations to avoid being caught. Like where to run from? Crossing a place that the police can’t catch? Where to find affordable accommodation? From which area will the bus be available? All this information was already collected. Thus the nephews were very clever so all their data was deleted. However, the police have received some data. Friends, such new things keep coming among us.

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