The New Communication Rules For Whatsapp And Whatsapp Calls Is this true?

The New Communication Rules For Whatsapp And Whatsapp Calls; Is this true?

The new rules of Communication Rules For Whatsapp And Whatsapp Calls have come. But it’s all about the privacy policy of WhatsApp. The message that is currently going viral in WhatsApp is considered fake. Misinformation and falsehoods abound in modern times. And the reason for this most spread is media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp


One thing is for sure, if you are spreading false rumors through social media, the government can take action against you. Friends, we should not spread any information on social media without knowing it. If a rumor is spread falsely, the government can take action against it.


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There is a lot of talk about fake information. Guys we need to be careful about all this information. Not all such false rumors go viral on social media. And if you do, action will be taken against you. Friends, by spreading such false news in the current Corona epidemic, people may get worried.

At present, “there is a possibility that the government will add its own tick by making special changes in the message that causes light and dark ticks. These single and double ticks are now likely to occur in triple ticks. It could also be that the government keeps an eye on your messaging. If the third tick in your message is ticked, it means that the government has read your message.” This is fake news. Action will also be taken against the spread of such fake news.


Communication rules for whatsapp and whatsapp calls

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