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What is Kolkata fatafat tips?

Kolkata Fatafat is a type of lottery game. In this lottery game you have to guess a number to win the game. Big prizes are given in this game. Simply put, one person predicts the most accurate numbers and can win big prizes. And can play this game 8 times in a day.

The people of West Bengal of India are well aware of kolkata fatafat. Today we will discuss this game through this article like how to play Kolkata Fatafat? How to find Kolkata FF result, and how to earn profit from this game etc. In today’s article, we will give you Kolkata FF result and some other important details about the game.

As you all know it is played 8 times in a day. You can play this game from Monday to Saturday up to 8 times in a single day. Can’t play this game after that. Then on Sunday it is played 4 times. This game company publishes Kolkata Fatafat result online 8 times in a single day. A lot of people play this game for fun. And apart from this Khelo Kolkata FF, Kolkata FF, Shalimar Satta King game, etc. are also known by the names.

The company of this game has started this game online only in the last few months. When it started, earlier it was played in offline mode. But today this game can also be played in online mode. And you can also check this Khel Kolkata Fatafat result online at any time. You can also play this game offline if you want. But it depends on you in which mode you want to play the game.

How to play Kolkata Fatafat?

If you want to play the game in online mode, you will need to install an application on your mobile phone which you can download from the game’s website. Then you can enjoy playing it in online mode sitting at home and also check Kolkata FF online result from your home.

We have also provided Kolkata FF game old results in this article on it. If you want to check old and latest result of this game then visit the official portal of this game. Our this website only provides you information and results of this fun game.

Kolkata FF satta game is considered to be the biggest and most played game all over India country. Not only the people of West Bengal but also the people of other states play this game very well. First of all let us tell you that this game is illegal. Yet millions of people in our country play this game and earn a predetermined reward by winning from this game. This game is also called satta game.

In this game you have to guess the correct number if you succeed it means you are the winner of this game and you have won big amount. If your guess turns out to be wrong, you have lost all the money.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Live

Through this website we provide you only Kolkata FF Fatafat Results. And as we told further that this game is played 8 times a day and the result is also revealed by the company 8 times. After guessing the game everyone who has put their money is eager to know the result. So they keep searching their result from one website to another. And let us tell you that our website is also the best for your Kolkata FF Fun Result 2022.

kolkata fatafat tips today

In this game if you are lucky and succeed in guessing the exact number then you are the winner of this game and based on this you can also win some money. Sometimes it can happen that a lot of money comes after winning. With this your life will change. This possibility depends on your luck. Today this game is spreading very fast through online mode all over the country. And you can download the application of this game in your smartphone and enjoy it from your home.

Why People Play Kolkata FF

As we told earlier about the people of West Bengal that they play this game more because they live many poor people who hardly live their daily life. He doesn’t have enough money to buy things for his family. That’s why they want to earn some extra money from Kolkata FF (Fun Game) and this is the reason why people of Kolkata play this game.

You must be aware that to survive in such an expensive city, enough money is also required. In our state, a poor rickshaw puller earns 100 or 150 rupees in a day by his hard work. Then that person invests a little part of his earnings in such a fun game so that he can earn more money and become financially strong.

Kolkata FataFat Winning Tips ghosh babu

You must have seen all the websites and YouTube channels that there are a large number of people who promise to provide accurate numbers. But let us tell you that there is no one to tell the exact number of this game. So never trust the words of such persons who will only make false promises to you and can harm you a lot. You must know that this game is completely based on your luck and your own intelligence. With the help of Kolkata FF Old Result you will get some idea about upcoming numbers. And then the result is left to your fate.

kolkata ff tips video

You will get to see all the videos for this game. I would like to tell you one thing that no one can guess this game correctly. He lives near some number. This game is determined by your fate. That’s why a lot of things should be taken care of to play this game. Otherwise, you may get addicted to this game and may also be at risk.

How to find kolkata fatafat tips today Result

  1. First step, you have to open this game website.
  2. Now, find out your today’s game bazi on the home page of this portal
  3. After that, verify the number below that.
  4. If your number matches then you have won the game.

kolkata fatafat November 2022 Chart tips today

1 November 2022
2 November 2022
3 November 2022
4 November 2022
5 November 2022
6 November 2022
7 November 2022
8 November 2022
9 November 2022
10 November 2022

kolkata fatafat tips ghosh babu daily Time Table

1st Bazi   10:30 AM
2nd Bazi   12:00 PM
3rd Bazi   01:30 PM
4th Bazi   03:00 PM
5th Bazi   04:30 PM
6th Bazi   06:00 PM
7th Bazi   07:30 PM
8th Bazi   09:00 PM

F.A.Q for kolkata fatafat tips

Kolkata Fatafat is a type of lottery game. In this lottery game you have to guess a number to win the game. Big prizes are given in this game. Simply put, one person predicts the most accurate numbers and can win big prizes.
Kolkata Fatafat can play 8 times in a day.
In Kolkata Fatafat you have to guess the correct number if you succeed it means you are the winner of this game and you have won big amount. If your guess turns out to be wrong, you have lost all the money.
As we all know that the amount of prize directly depends on the invested money of the individual. So it varies every time and depends on the amount invested by the participant.
There are no special limit of minimum bid for Kolkata Fafafat. You can invest money as you want. But in some cases, the minimum amount is between Rs.5 to Rs.10.
To know your result status is quite vary easy and simple process. Just open Kolkata FF on your mobile and check your results of any draw.


The main purpose of this article is to bring you the information of Kolkata Fafafat game. We do not have any direct relation with this game nor do we encourage to play this game. If you want to play this game then you can play at your own risk.


Dear Kolkata Fafafat game user, the purpose of writing this post is only to inform people about Satta King game, we do not fund or support any kind of Satta King game or any such gambling game, we do not endorse so our legal. We also do not recommend playing these types of games.

Playing such games may or may not harm you, on this website we have provided you with all the information related to the betting market from our internet, the authenticity of which and this website does not take responsibility. And we are not responsible for any damage you get in this game. If you want to play this kind of risky game it may be that playing this game can be addictive so you have to play at your own risk.

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