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Best Dating app in India: You know To Maintain a Relationship is a Very very difficult thing in this World, and especially after the 21st century. You know the Tolerance, Courage and Boldness to make relationship and maintain it for lifetime is now decreasing slowly in today’s youth, They don’t even know that how our Forefathers married without even see their faces, lived with full scarcity, lack of facilities and struggling age and even after that they lived a Successful life.

And as we said, In today’s time it is easy to be in any relationship but maintaining a relationship becomes so difficult. Arguments about smallest things frequently lead to the end of a relationship. It gets a little more challenging to adopt someone new after a split. It is unclear who to choose as your partner when it comes to trust.

In such a situation, what to trust on dating apps, this is the question of most of the people. But it is said that it is maintained only by trusting and maintaining, with whom trust is broken even after spending more time, so why not try your luck once and trust dating apps as well. Today we have brought such dating apps for you which are considered to be the best for finding a love partner with being called reliable.

Which is best dating app in India :

So, let’s we tell you that Which are best free dating app in india for serious relationship and How it will make you a fresh minded to start a new relationship with so ease and without any tension.

1. Bumble

A Very first best dating app in india you can consider and go for is none other than Bumble!! You know, Bumble is famous all over the world as a dating app. It is also very much liked in India. People use it to find a partner with a first priority. Through this app you can also create your new circle. A BFF feature has also been given in it. There are also Bumble Boost upgrades that can make the process easier or faster for a fee.

2. Happn

Happn currently has more than 70 million users. Essentially, it is a location-based dating app. It functions on iOS, Android, and Windows. It is running by users’ device’s location feeds. It utilises a unique matching concept. Happn is another dating app you might use if you’re thinking about looking for a spouse. Approximately 1 crore individuals utilise it. You can use it to choose a companion based on your preferences, ideas, hobbies, etc.

3. Woo

Woo is a dating app that mostly focuses on well educated professionals. Its users are mostly people over 40. It provides voice intro, tag search and direct message facility. For example, tag search might help you discover individuals who share your interests. Even this software has the voice functionality. Girls can make voice calls without disclosing their phone number, making it secure for them to do so. Also, the app never shares the name, number or location of any girl or woman.

4. Tinder

Tinder dating apps are very popular in India. This dating service was started in 2012. It is available in 13 languages. Tinder is a dating app that comes on people’s lips only for dates. For the last few years, this app is very famous among the people. Most people who are dating use this app to find a companion for themselves. However, the user must purchase a subscription in order to use it.

5. Match

By the way, its rating in India is less than 3. However, this app’s unique feature is that you can use it to locate nearby people who are actively looking for partners.

6. OK Cupid

OK Cupid is also very famous as a dating app in India. It will also get a good rating on the Apps Play Store. If you want to find your partner then you can use it. It is available in 13 languages.

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7. Truly Madly

Well dont’t worry, as this app has a name, the app hasn’t like it anything! It is a great dating app. Use a little less than Tinder because it has profile verification. It asks you for required documents before making any profiles live and only then begins displaying the profiles that match you.

8. Hinge App

Here you get to see the boy or girl you want. This is also an alternative to Tinder App but some of its own features make it different from others. You can keep your Timeline photo on Hinge, as well as what is your interest, you can also tell it here.
The benefit of which will be that only those people will try to connect with you, who have the same thinking as you. Here also you are asked questions like other apps and based on the answers given by you, you are shown a profile.

9. Go Gaga

This is one of the best dating app in India which helps you connect with people instantly. Also, the friends you will have on your Go Gaga and you want to connect with them, then you are given such a facility, with the help of which friend to friend can be connected.
Talking about its most unique mode, you can see the profile of Friend of Friend, as well as you can see your friend’s couple on Go Gaga.

10. Badoo

This is a Russian dating app which is being liked a lot in India as well. Let us tell you that Badoo is being used in more than 190 countries except India, but it has the best 400 million user base in India, in which you get the same features as tinder.
In this, by swiping, you can connect with different types of people on direct video calls and talk to them.

You know, How many users are on dating apps there?🤔 :

Best Dating app in India do not tell the actual number of users in India, but a considerable number of youths are busy in increasing love on these dating apps. According to Tinder, the exchange of messages in Tinder has increased by 19 percent in 2020 during the Corona period, while the rate of chatting between couples has increased by 32 percent during the same period. According to the report of ICUBE, 622 million people in India are active users of the Internet. This is a favorable number for dating companies.

How Future Holds for a Dating apps in India🙄 :

Best Dating app in India: According to the Satista Survey Company, three percent of the people who are active on the Internet are currently using online dating apps or sites. By 2025, its number will increase to 4.3 percent. Currently there is a business of $536 million in the online dating segment in India. This business is growing at an annual rate of 17.61 percent. The future of dating apps in India can be gauged from these figures.

The interesting thing is that those who used to ignore the dating app earlier, have also started using it now. Bumble’s survey says that there are 44 percent people who were earlier against online dating, but now they want to try it indiscriminately and get lost in the new town of love.


So Here in this article we told you the entire concept of what is best free dating app in india, Which are Top 10 best dating app in india and How it’s growing in India, also the Future of Dating app in India as well. So kindly use this app if you are also one of themm who are searching for their life partner. So as we mentioned in the article you can choose any of these app and make your life a lovely. Thank you.

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