Vedic horoscope Predictions – Global Trends and Tensions in 2023

Global Trends and Tensions in 2023 – Vedic Horoscope Predictions:

hello, everyone wishes you all a happy and wonderful new year 2023 welcome back to another blog on Vedic Horoscope Predictions in this blog I am going to discuss the global trends and tensions for 2023.  there was a total solar eclipse in December 2020 and greater planetary conjunction during February 2023 which will give adverse results all over the world.

I have mentioned that there are chances of deaths and destruction due to water more specifically due to heavy rainfall floods and cyclones there is also a possibility for forest fires you might have already noticed there was destruction due to heavy rainfall more specifically due to cyclone Nivar and Burevi in India there was also tropical cyclone in fuji there will be tensions and natural calamities in South, North America   Germany Spain Norway North Africa Washington Baltimore Poland Persia, Ireland Georgia Holland and Dublin police forces military and mining workers would suffer there will be a downfall in import-export commercial transactions and state revenue all over the world and there would also be downtrend in economic finance and taxation all over the world in 2023.

this is the yearly chart for 2023 as per the Hindu calendar or Vedic Horoscope Predictions (Wikipedia) the yearly chart is prepared based on the new moon day on Phalgunamonth so this year it falls on 12th April 2023   let me analyze the general planetary disposition for 2023. First of all, the year lord for 2023 is Mars.

The year lord is found based on the full moon day on Chaitra month, so for 2023 the full moon day in Chaitra month falls on Tuesday whose lord is Mars so the year lord for 2023 is Mars   The year presided by mars indicates violent fire accidents, natural calamities, and increase of violence and robbery.

Vedic Horoscope Predictions:

econdly during start of the year the mars and Rahu are in conjunction   which indicates the outbreak of communal and linguistic troubles   there will be upset in trades strikes occurrence of fire accidents and transport disasters   although Jupiter is right now in capricorn during the commencement of vedic year the jupiter   will move to Aquarius Dhanista 3rd pada whereas the Saturn will be in Capricorn in shravana 3rd pada throughout the year the Saturn will be in Capricorn but Jupiter moves between Capricorn   and aquarius the retrogression of jupiter starts from june 21st   so it will be moving from aquarius to capricorn between october and november   the Jupiter will be in Capricorn and move to Aquarius in November coming to Saturn the   retrogression of Saturn starts from May and it will be in retrogression until October   during June 2023 there is a solar eclipse and by the time Mars will move to cancer at the same time, Saturn will be in retrogression so the combination of solar   eclipse with Saturn retrogression and Mars in opposition is not at all a good combination   so because of this between June and July there are more chances for natural calamities like   earthquakes, fire accidents, mining accidents, and also an outbreak of communal and linguistic troubles let me give the predictions for India.

For India, this is the yearly chart   this is the independent chart for India the rising sign is Taurus   which is same as the rising sign of India’s independent chart there is a conjunction of Mars   and Rahu in the ascendant itself which indicates outbreak of communal and linguistic violence   the international relationship with other countries would suffer heavily   the health of the public would also suffer the condition of cabinet and general affairs   would also suffer the leader of the country would face confusions in decision making   there will be definitely tensions in the borders especially the Pakistan border   more specifically in the month of June and July during the solar eclipse, there will be economic   slowdown more specifically the communication industry and education institution would suffer   the debts of the country would increase and also the police and military forces will have tensions the month of February, June, and July are the watch out time for India   there are chances for natural calamities, fire accidents,   mining accidents, major transportation accidents, and an outbreak of communal violence.

Let me give the predictions for the USA this is the yearly chart for the USA and this is the independent chart for the USA   the rising sign in the yearly chart is Scorpiooccupied by Ketu aspected by Mars and Rahu the planetary disposition in the chart of the USA indicates the health of the people and leader would suffer there are chances of national mourning terrorist attacks the health of the woman would suffer and the rate of infant mortality may increase there will be an economic slowdown and the financial intuitions will be in troubles more specifically in June and July due to the solar eclipse occurring in the June and also the planetary conjecture happening in February 2023.

there are chances of natural calamities fire accidents more specifically there are chances for amazon forest fire increase of secret crime and also the increase of death rates as per the USA independence chart the   Saturn bukti in Rahu mahadasha is starting from March 2023 so the new president will face a lot of challenges in decision making the foreign trade international relationship and export would suffer let me give the predictions for the UK this is the yearly chart of UK   the rising sign for the UK at London is Capricorn the Saturn occupies the ascendant the mars and Rahu conjoined in fifth house aspected by Ketu considering the planetary positions in this chart the children in the country, the mentality of the ruler, the place of amusement and entertainment industry would suffer heavily.

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