Vladimir Putin Cancer: What kind of Cancer does Putin Have?

Putin cancer: According to a New York Post article, Russian President Vladimir Putin is receiving western medical care in his fight against cancer. According to Russian historian and political expert Valery Solovey, the 70-year-old is supposedly being kept alive by western-produced cancer-slowing medications. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 of this year, curiosity in Mr. Putin’s health has increased all across the world. A number of recordings in recent months have shown how Mr. Putin’s physical health is declining.

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According to the Post, Solovey now made a damaging assertion, “I can affirm that without this foreign therapy he would absolutely not have been in public life in the Russian Federation.”

The historian said, “He uses the most cutting-edge therapies, including target therapy, which Russia cannot provide him. Despite receiving cutting-edge care, Solovey stated that his future health is not expected to improve significantly. “The therapy has, in my opinion, been too effective. He’s been given much too good of care. However, even the experts overseeing this therapy believe that the end is already in sight because no drug has an indefinitely high chance of success “Spanish news site Marca cited the political analyst as stating. Mr. Putin(putin cancer:) is reportedly battling Parkinson’s disease as well as cancer.

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A Video Footage Confirms Putin’s Cancer:

putin cancer: In the past several months, Russia has increased its missile strikes on Ukraine, which have resulted in the deaths of countless local citizens. Additionally, there is the always terrifying potential of a full-scale nuclear war between Russia and the West. The entire globe would clearly be in danger if this occurred. Putin is plainly seen trembling and appears puffier than normal in videos of him dealing with other members of his staff and troops.

According to the emails, he allegedly used steroids the majority of the time to lessen the affects of his sickness. They further reaffirm that the Kremlin will use all available tools to refute these allegations(putin cancer) and that the Russian president will hold onto power for as long as his health permits. These communications concerning Putin’s health are rather straightforward.

👀Vladimir Putin – uncontrollable shaking in hands and legs while greeting Lukashenko.👀#Putin #RussiaUkraineWar #UkraineWar pic.twitter.com/y0ZT5EDo1B

— Independent News, Opinions and Memes (@independentgen) March 10, 2022

I can confirm that he has been diagnosed with early-stage Parkinson’s disease, but it is already developing, according to the emails that were released. This information will be concealed and denied in every manner imaginable. Putin frequently receives a variety of powerful steroids and cutting-edge painkilling injections to stem the progression of pancreatic cancer, which was just discovered to be his illness.

In addition to the severe discomfort it produces, Putin also has side effects including facial puffiness and memory loss. There are whispers in his inner circle that Putin not only has pancreatic cancer, which is slowly progressing, but also prostate cancer. Consider this: If Vladimir Putin is idle, what is he ready to do?

Doctor’s Statement of the Russian President:

putin cancer
putin cancer

putin cancer: In addition to the outright allegations that Putin suffers from a fatal illness, some circumstantial evidence of his failing health has emerged.

A report on Putin’s health was released in April by the Russian investigative media organisation Project. Putin, who has been constantly followed by five physicians on average since at least 2016, is said to be preoccupied with his health.

Yevgeny Selivanov, a specialist in thyroid cancer, was one of the physicians. According to Project, Putin was also accompanied by an otorhinolaryngologist who was tasked with detecting thyroid conditions, including cancer. Ivan Dedov, the director of the National Endocrinology Research Center, and Putin also had a public meeting in 2020.

The research also discovered proof that Putin(putin cancer) underwent many operations between 2017 and 2019. Project claims that Putin also has a preference for complementary medicine. With particular, he takes baths in antler-severed deer blood extracts.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, untested medication spread widely in Putin’s Russia. Officials ordered gadgets that “reduce the transmission of coronavirus with electromagnetic fields,” and hosts of official events distributed medical masks with silver particles. Both contraptions have been proven to have no effect on the propagation of the coronavirus.

Despite the fact that Putin has certain health concerns, some of the evidence of those illnesses may be explained by his advanced age—he will turn 70 in October.

According to a neuropathologist from New York named Mike Mirer, most post-Soviet males Putin’s age and social class who have cancer have had an unhealthy diet. This information was sent to Yulia Latynina, an anti-Putin Russian columnist, in July. But even if Putin does have a serious illness, it does not always indicate he will pass very soon. He doesn’t appear to be someone who will pass away tomorrow, according to Mirer.

What Western intelligence about President?

putin cancer: Putin’s medical background has been been investigated by Western intelligence.

A confidential U.S. intelligence report claimed that Putin received cancer treatment in April, according to a June Newsweek article that cited its sources. Three intelligence officers were identified by the magazine: one from the Director of National Intelligence’s office, one from the Defense Intelligence Agency, and one who was a retired senior officer from the Air Force.

Dmitry Oreshkin, a Russian political expert, told the Kyiv Independent that discussing Solovey’s views would be pointless. But Western intelligence is a different issue, so discussing it makes sense.

He noted that Western intelligence at least correctly foresaw Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The U.S. National Security Council spokeswoman quickly, though, rejected the story. In addition, Putin was deemed to be in good health by William Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, in July.

Even if there is an intelligence assessment on Putin’s(putin cancer:) disease, it is unclear whether or not it can be entirely believed. “It should be handled with caution, “Oreshkin said that it may be advantageous for the West to foresee Putin’s eventual demise. But he also said “Western intelligence services wouldn’t intentionally mislead.

Even more doubtful was Sergei Sazonov, a political philosopher of Russian descent who studies at Tartu University in Estonia. He expressed his scepticism about the calibre of Western intelligence to the Kyiv Independent.

In the past, American intelligence has made mistakes. U.S. media predicted, citing U.S. intelligence, that Kyiv was likely to fall within days after Russia began its all-out assault of Ukraine.

Similar to this, fake intelligence reports concerning the claimed WMD of the late Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein and the illnesses of the late Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden were sent to the U.S. According to a June Newsweek article, such intelligence is frequently provided by American adversaries who want to broadcast false information to advance their own agendas.

Does Putin keep Isolated himself?

Putin Caner: According to reports from other intelligence agencies, Putin has deteriorating health and has grown more erratic and paranoid over time.

William Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), stated last year that he had dealt with and observed President Putin for many years. “What I’ve observed, especially over the past ten years, is that he’s sort of stewing in a highly explosive combination of grievance, ambition, and insecurity.,” Burns said.

Burns continued by saying that as Putin’s inner circle has shrunk, he has become more alienated and unaware of the true nature of the conflict.

According to a Wall Street Journal story, Putin(putin cancer) has abandoned the internet out of concern for Western spying and is solely reliant on the advice of counsel he has personally selected.

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