What is Metaverse and How it Works?

Friends You must meet all your friends in everyday life. But if you think that a fake 3D world is created. Which is artificially created. In which you can wear glasses or handset and do everything like shopping, studying, etc. You can do everything you do in your daily life by wearing a special pair of glasses or a headset. You will be surprised to hear this.

Yes friends, such a technology is being developed Which has been named Metaverse. Which is the future of tomorrow. Which will change the world of internet. Metaverse is a word made up of two words Meta and Verse. The word meta comes from the Greek. And that means beyond. And the word Verse is taken from Universe. The term has been used to refer to the artificial world.

You may have heard the word Multiverse like Metaverse. Which has recently been used in the name of Marvel movie Spider man no way home. Some people believe that there is more than one universe in our universe. That is called Multiverse.  Metaverse here means an artificially created world.

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These days, the Internet is used more than anyone else. but used in 2D. Like using your phone or using a laptop. Even if we talk about metaverse It will make you feel that you are in it. You can see anything at 360 degrees.

Where did the word metaverse come from?

Metaverse was first mentioned in a book called Snow Crash in the year 1992. Which was written by Neil Stephenson. In this book he has spoken of a serene world. In which the whole world has been destroyed. The outside world is not fit for human habitation so everyone sits at home and creates an artificial world. He used the word metaverse for this virtual world.

This was followed by a computer game called Second Life in 2003 year. In which you can play the game through the computer. And could create another life in it. Many other companies have tried to create a virtual world. And now this attempt is being made by Facebook. They renamed his company Meta.

How the Metaverse is created?

A lot of technology creates metaverse. One of them is virtual reality. In which you have to wear a big handset. But so far the technology you may have seen has not been particularly successful. In all of which there are a few mistakes left. Which is being improved over time. It is speculated that the heavier headset will be made to resemble the size of the glasses at some point.

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The second technology is AR(augmented reality). This technology means mixing virtual elements with our original world.. Such as the Pokemon Go smartphone game. In which we find artificial Pokemon through smartphones. Another example is Google Glass. If you want to create such a large virtual world, you may need 5G technology. Along with this blockchain and cryptocurrency will also be required if it is a matter of metaverse.

Whenever a purchase is made in Metaverse it will be digitally. It may require digital currency. And if all the transactions take place at one time, then it has to be kept secret. There is also a risk of hacking. Blockchain needs to be used to keep all this data secure. If you want to buy any land in Metaverse , it will be bought by NFT(Non Fungible Token). NFT is used to prove any digital asset.NUFT is also used to purchase concert tickets.

All these technologies are evolving at the present time. According to Mark Zuckerberg, this technology could take 5 to 10 years to develop. Many people say that this technology will take a long time to become. Many people say that the Internet will be followed by Metaverse.

Will this Metaverse be successful?

Technology like Google Glass was made popular in 2014. A lot of celebrities were given that time. Influencers were also given to create reviews. Even so, Google Glass flops. There were many reasons behind the flop. Like the battery life was only 3 hours, There was a problem of privacy, And in some places it was even banned. The main reason for the flop was that it did not have a single feature that people need.

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At the present time everything you do in real life will be done in metaverse. But everything you do in metaverse, you can easily do in real life. The technology that is popular is also easy to use. Its benefits are easily available to the users. If people get used to the virtual world, they will forget their original world.

All your activities will be tracked by your Facebook if you are working in Metaverse. Anything you like will be shown again. This new technology will be as useful as it is worrying. This technology can be useful in some fields.

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