What Was Mystery of Bermuda Triangle?

Friends, you may have heard the name Bermuda Triangle. Five U.S. Navy torpedo bombers take off from Florida on December 5, 1945 at 2.10pm. This flight is known as Flight 19. The aircraft flies for 3 hours for its routine training mission. The plane had 14 crew members. Which were led by a flight ladder. This leader had vast experience. The plane flies east from Florida.

Everything is going well, the atmosphere was clear but two hours after takeoff their leader suddenly reports that there is something wrong with their compass. His compass stops working. He then pulls out his backup compass. But it doesn’t work either. Those people do not know where their position is. He then asks the rest of the pilots but their machines don’t work either.

The squadron leader of this crew member is named LT Charles C. taylorConfused messages are heard across the radio transmission after the compass breaks down. Gradually the season begins to deteriorate. Taylor thinks his plane has landed over the Gulf of Mexico. So they think they have to turn east to go back to Florida. So he commands all the planes to turn east. But some pilots think they should turn to the West. But gradually the season starts to get more worse and the sunset goes away.

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The plane is believed to have been 370km west of Florida. Then Taylor’s last radio message is found and 5 planes disappear. To this day no one knows where the plane went and what happened to them.  Another search-and-rescue aircraft takes off after a Flight 19 went missing with a crew of 13. they mission is to find Flight 19. But unlikely this aircraft will also disappear. The crew members in it also disappear along with it.

Shortly afterwards, one of the largest search operations of all time is performed. Nothing is found where these two planes disappear. No human body was found and no broken parts of the aircraft were found. The area where these two planes disappeared is what we now call the Bermuda Triangle.This is a mysterious phenomenon which has not been solved till date.

Larger ships and planes are also disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. It is also known as Devil’s Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious part of the ocean. More than 100 planes and ships have gone missing in the area. No information has been received so far. This area is more than 5,00,000 miles.

History of the Bermuda Triangle

The cases of Bermuda Taringal are more than 500 years old. Christopher Columbus’s compass stopped working when he passed through the area in 18 to explore the New World. And one night they saw a strange light falling from the sky into the sea. This was the beginning of Mistry. And they were also given many names, Such as The Graveyard of Atlantic, The sea of Doom, Sargasso Graveyard.

The name Bermuda Triangle was first used in a magazine in 1964. The name of the magazine was Argosy. Which was written by Vincent H. Gaddis. The title was The Deadly Bermuda Triangle. But the article did not specify the cause of the incident. So that mystery became the most popular mystery at that time. Books were written on this Mistry, some films were also made.

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Then another terrible incident happened in the year 1918. The incident was across the USS Cyclops. It was the largest and fastest US Navy ship of that time. This vessel was used for transportation of coal. On March 4, 1918, 206 people were seated on this ship. The ship sailed from Baltimore to Brazil. The ship also contained 11000 tons of manganese. The voyage was 9 days. The ship suddenly disappeared. Everyone was shocked to hear this news. How could such a large US Navy ship disappear?

Mystery of Ellen Austin – Bermuda Triangle Mystery

In the year 1881, the ship named Ellen Austin was 210 feet high. The ship was bound for New York from London. But on the way this ship meets another ship. The ship was normal but there were no people inside. The captain of Ellen Austin waited for 2 days but no one was seen on the ship. The captain then went to the ship and saw only the cargo on the ship.

The captain then sends some of his crew members to another ship and sails with both ships. For the first 3 days the two ships sailed together and then suddenly a storm came. From there the two ships seem to go in different directions. And the other ship disappears. Captain Ellen Austin tries to find the missing ship after the storm is over. And in the distance that ship appears through their spyglass.

When he gets close to the ship, he sees no human being on the ship again. The captain then sends his crew members on the ship and the ship is sailed with him. But again, this is what happens when the ship disappears after the storm and all the crew members disappear. The owner of Ellen Austin is shocked to hear this story and sells his ship to a German company. The company has changed the name of the ship to Meta.

The Legend of Bermuda Triangle

Friends, you too must have been shocked to hear this incident. But these incidents are heard in stories but it is not possible to know the truth. We call these stories Urban Legend

What is the main reason behind the Bermuda Triangle?

Some believe the aliens carried the ships away, Some believe that the sea monster made all these things disappear, Some people believe that the sea pulls the ships inside itself. But scientifically, if you use a compass from some area of ​​the earth, you can see the magnetic north pole and the geographic north pole at the same place.This area is called the Agonic lines

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It is true that large ships and aircraft disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. But there are also many places in the world where large ships and planes have disappeared. More hurricanes are seen in the Bermuda Triangle area. That is why such incidents happen so often.

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