Why the coal shortage in india?

Why the coal shortage in india?

As it is known that if the coal is shorted in China, the power generation in India will also be less. But why the coal shortage in India? What is the main reason for this, and how severe is situation? and what is solution for this? So we are going to discuss all these things.

we see in the news that the industrial output of China has decreased. And a lot of people in India are also talking about the power cuts due to the shortage of coal in India.

Arvind Kejariwal wrote a letter to our Prime Minister saying that if you divert resources to Delhi, the power cut can be cut.

In Delhi, Tata Power has sent a message to its customers that they may have a power cut. Maharashtra has also said that it has been instructed to cut power to save electricity. Against this, the Minister of Power and the Ministry of Coal have stated that there will be no power cut. You have been told that we have enough coal present.

How to generate electricity from coal?

Heat is generated from coal in thermal power plants. This heat is transferred to the water so the water boils. When water boils, the page is transformed into steam. This steam takes up more space than water so it travels faster. This steam is used to rotate the turbine. And with the help of these turbines electricity is generated.

The total power generation capacity in our country is 3.89 lakh MW. Out of which 2.09 lakh MW depends on coal. This means that 54% of electricity in our country is generated from coal. And our country India is the second largest importer of coal in the world. Both India and China together consume about 65% of the coal.

The main reasons for the shortage of coal

  1. Increase in Demand of Electricity
  2. Heavy Rainfall
  3. Higher international prices of imported Coal

Why do we have to import so much coal in India?

The heat generated by coal is very small. That is why we have to import coal from outside. India imports coal from Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and other countries.

Is there coal shortage in india?

The government says we have enough coal. There are a total of 135 coal-fired power plants in our country. There are 110 power plants in which the stock of coal is negligible. And there are 3 power plants in Gujarat. And the amount of coal in all these plants should last for 30 days. But the required amount is not that much.

All of these plants supply coal from SECL. But in some power plants, the amount of coal does not come from there, so there is a shortage.

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