Will Facebook and Twitter Shut Down?

Will Facebook and Twitter Shut Down?

There are reports that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter Shut Down in two days. These three platforms were given a time limit of 3 months. But so far no concrete steps have been taken by them. So the period given to them has also come to an end. This date was given till 26th May which is coming to an end tomorrow.

These companies have not complied with the new rules of the Center. Will this cause these companies to close? There are some such things going on. The rules for the news site and OTTI platforms were implemented in February,2021. According to the rules, if these companies do not follow the rules, they will be shut down. The government can also take action against them. Through this app, a lot of Jokes and Mimes have been seen in India. Because of this, there is a tendency to paying for memes and jokes.

Notice about facebook and twitter shut down

In our India, social media platforms work like an intermediate. Guys, you all know that catastrophic posts on social media are causing a lot of problems. But no action is taken against such posting. Because he has received Permission from the Government of India. 

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