World Heritage Day 2023 : History, Significance, natural legacy

World Heritage Day 2023 : History, Significance, natural legacy

World Heritage Day is celebrated on April 18 every year to preserve the history of the world. Persuaded to be aware of the heritage you have inherited, So that people can understand their culture. Historical monuments from all over the world are important so they are also maintained.

History of World Heritage Day 2023

In the year 1982, ICOMOS(International Council on Monuments and Sites) was asked to celebrate a day to spread awareness about ancient cultures and their history.  The idea was later adopted by UNESCO in the year 1983. This day is celebrated to spread awareness among the people about the historical monument. Old buildings fade with time but their history should be in people’s minds. Initially, 12 locations were added to the list.

Important of World Heritage Day 2023

We all know that our ancient heritage is getting old and people are forgetting it. People are forgetting our ancient culture, Wars in the past, many greats, some decisions, some art, some customs, etc. All this is happening only in books. All countries have a story of their own past and it is only seen in their scriptures. There is a story associated with each old building.

The story of defeat and victory of kings and maharajas, the story of art and culture, etc. All these memories are refreshed on World Heritage Day. This day is celebrated in different ways all over the world. In some places Heritage Wake is organized, in some places pledge of protection of heritage is taken, Campaigns are also run in some places.

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Theme of World Heritage Day 2023

On  this Day, ICOMOS proposes a theme for the activities to be organized by its members, ICOMOS national and international scientific committees, working groups and partners. In year of 2023, this day is celebrated under the theme “Heritage and Climate”. The purpose of World Heritage Day, celebrated on April 18, is to preserve cultural and natural sites related to ancient history and And to spread awareness about it among the people.

Historical monuments like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri are visited by foreign tourists. The main event will be held at Fatehpur Sikri this year. Activities like photo exhibition, essay competition, bhajan ceremony will be organized.

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