Viral Video: Zomato Delivery boy Punches on a Female Customer – Arrested!

Zomato Delivery boy Arrested – Punches on a Female Customer

The Bengaluru Police on 10 march Wednesday arrested a Zomato delivery boy executive after the artiste posted a video clip on social media alleging punches on her. After entering the house, a punch was hit on the female customer’s nose.

Viral Video: Zomato Delivery boy Arrested:

A delivery boy has assaulted a female customer in Bengaluru which led to a huge uproar. A delivery boy was not reached for an hour. A video (Instagram platform) that went viral on Instagram in which Delivery guy, an accused who attacked a girl named Hitesha Chandranee, has been arrested in Bengaluru. Just after this arrest, Zomato company issued an apology statement.

Actually, Hitesha shared a video on Instagram yesterday. In which he told how the Delivery guy gave him a strong punch when he refused to take the order. Hitesha has told about this incident in a video which he has also shared on his Instagram. Millions of people have watched this video since it was posted. Which is now becoming increasingly viral.

Bengaluru girl claims Zomato delivery boy punched her:

Jomato statement: “We deeply regret this incident and apologize to Hitesha for this painful experience.” Our delivery is not exactly known for such things. Our local representatives will contact you soon. We will be there to help you in everything from police investigation to medical care. Also, the food delivery company also wrote that we cannot tell how sorry we are.

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